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Alice Eve as Charlotte Cahill
Al Pacino as Charles Abrams
Malin Akerman as Emily Hynes
Julia Stiles as Jane Clemente
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pkpera 2 / 10


This year I had misfortune to watch some really bad movies. Recent one is Geostorm - but I did not expect much from that. Here, you see 2 famous veterans among actors, some called them 2 greatest and like. And this movie is just one big mess, misfire in all levels, aspects. Everything is bad - direction, story, storytelling, editing, and yes, acting in most cases. Should we blame Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins for bad acting, or rather director and poor script ? Actually, who invested money in this disaster of movie ? As I see, they wanted to make some noir, with twists, something what will keep viewers on edge. Huh, I almost felt asleep at about 1h. There were many scenes witch simply did not make sense, were overdone, too long - like some of motorcycle attacks. Maybe worst was scene where Pacino and Hopkins were together (only one in this mismovie) - maybe it had some sense, but was presented so poorly, and no logic at all. For the end need to mention Alice Eve - did she was on something during filming ? How she passed casting for this movie - was criteria to look doped in all scenes ? Sorry to say such things, but it was some worst acting I ever seen. Rating: 2 - just because some pictures on exhibition were good :-)

Reviewed by olenyverse 8 / 10

Good movie with a good cast, well directed and well written.

This movie concept is a refreshing breeze in from about 20 years ago. Seeing these old masters so seasoned, and newer faces in roles which were once cliché feels like a good homage to "ye olde" 90s thrillers with the legal backdrop. Josh Duhamel was great in the old Harrison Ford role, but for his Tom Cruise running scene he needed two cuts. Tom would never have stood for that. The acting and editing was nuanced and stimulating. It felt like everyone knew they were in a movie with Anthony Hopkins. Nobody phoned it in, not even Pacino. You could feel that all the players really bought into the project. It was a pleasure to watch. Pour the wine, kick off your shoes, enjoy.

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

it's official - I'm going crazy

I'm embarrassed to say I actually liked this film.

Let me say up front, despite some of the reviews here, I had no trouble following it.

I also admit I did figure most of it out. This, however, did not keep me from being entertained.

I am surprised Pacino and Hopkins signed on for this as neither role is especially great.

Someone, somewhere, greenlit this thing and gave it a decent budget, even though it's a first-time director (Shintaro Shimosawa).

The story concerns am ambitious young man, Ben Cahill (Josh Duhamel) who goes after fraud perpetrated by a pharmaceutical company owned by Arthur Denning (Anthony Hopkins). Cahill has been cutting corners to make his cases all along; this one is no different, as he obtained the information illegally from an old girlfriend (Malin Akerman). Ben's boss (Al Pacino) gives him the go-ahead to pursue it.

Things unravel pretty quickly, as Ben is threatened not only with danger to himself but his wife (Alice Eve); he finds his ex- girlfriend dead and goes on the run.

Okay, I happen to think this was an excellent plot clumsily handled by this director, who maybe should have started with something simpler. This is a very complex story to put across, and while some of the camera angles are interesting and I would say this man has talent, it wasn't put together quite right. He tried for a Pulp Fiction thing that didn't quite come off, for one thing; and for another it's just too all over the place.

Another problem is that every suspense or mystery movie nowadays has to end with a twist since Usual Suspects. Well, now the twists are expected and passe, so what writers are doing now are putting twists within the twists. It's too much.

The acting was okay, but the husband-wife thing between Alice Eve and Duhamel was sketchy and not fleshed out. Not sure who to blame there.

Nevertheless, this was a good rental - not sure how I would have felt with these big names attached if I had paid $12 in the theater.

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