Miracle at St. Anna


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tim Boyle
Kerry Washington as Zana Wilder
Walton Goggins as Captain Nokes
John Leguizamo as Enrico
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spiritof67 7 / 10

The Other Spike Lee Comes To Work...

Spike Lee is erratic. We all know, or should, know that. He will in his best films throw in a "What?" moment that trips up everything you've seen up to then. Or he will, in his many films/projects where all you can say IS "What?" throw in a moment that shows there's a real talent there. The problem is, you never can tell which will be which - so I think it's the old story of which one came to work that day.


The story told here is a good one, but the first scene loop is critically important. The problem in modern audiences is that many boobs are just putting away their smartphones after sending that all-important last text, so the context of the whole movie may be lost on them.

This is a story about what were called Negro Troops in Italy during WW2. They weren't allowed in combat in the early part of the war since we all knew (?) that Negroes were unsuitable for combat because (insert here period racist belief of your choice). In the later stages when guys like my Uncle George were sent there - under white officers in command, of course, since (insert other period racist belief) but we needed the troops, so....the early battle scenes are realistic and grim. But the story unfolds about an item that becomes important and even crucial.

Performances are very good all around, with little "I knew that would happen" to contend with. While the "history" portion of the story may not be linear, the many small items of human conduct ring true then, and sometimes now. I especially liked the way the interaction between the Italian civilians and the Negro Troops was handled - not the stereotypical stuff, and Spike did some good work here, as he did with the attitudes of the Troops towards the war, America's treatment of them, and a few other things,

As for the films' length, I didn't think it long at all. The story was strong enough to sustain it through all and I wasn't clock-watching during it.


I thought the ending seemed compressed, which made me wonder if there's an even longer "Director's Cut" out there somewhere. Also, for the attention-deprived, a lot of this RAI co-production is in Italian with subtitles, so it will require "reading" of "words".

As another reviewer said "I didn't know it was a Spike Lee film", and unfortunately that's praise. I didn't know it either. It was a good movie.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 5 / 10

War is hell...and so was watching this movie

If there is negativity to be found, we can always trust that Spike Lee will find it. Usually it's the negativity of racism...and of course, there's lots of that is this film. But Spike Lee tops himself in this film by finding the negativity of man's inhumanity to man during war. The film is a blood bath. And it's unnecessarily drawn out to be a very long blood bath -- 160 minutes. Has Spike Lee ever heard of editing? And the miracle? Geez...hundreds die in this film, mostly mowed down by evil Nazis (rather cliche), and then the miracle -- reserved for the last 3 minutes of the film -- is that one boy survived because of magic statue head that fell off a bridge being destroyed????? I've watched perhaps a dozen Spike Lee films over the years, and he rarely fails to disappoint. Oh yes, a gem here and there, but more disappointments (including in recent years at the box office) than successes.

The sadder thing is that there's a pretty decent cast here. Derek Luke is, in my view, a much underrated actor. I try to catch him in most films he makes, and he never disappoints. Michael Ealy, whom I think is a very good actor, is getting a little too good at playing creeps (as he does here); he might want to rethink his silm strategy before he gets typecast. I'm really not that familiar with Laz Alonso, although I thought he did rather nicely here. Omar Benson Miller played his role here (as the Chocolate Giant) in a very touching manner. Valentina Cervi -- also a good performance.

A bomb at the box office, a failure in the eyes of most critics. And rightfully so.

Reviewed by mistermassive 10 / 10

One of the Best WWII Movies Ever Made!

I can't say enough about this movie. Firstly, your dealing with the people who (since day day one) always play the part of pawn, cannon fodder and war dog. Often found walking point, cleaning toilets, fixing trucks you find the black guys in the military. But when it counts in "the clutch" and lives are on the line it's when these men have often risen above the rest. So as the cream rises to the top this move is rich with STORY (you know lacking in most movies any longer).

Intertwined storytelling and excellent dialogue makeup the bulk of the acting scenes. The lighting, coloring schemes and overall appearance are lively and always seem to provide wonderful depth. Often I was surprised at how playful the soundtrack and audio was for this film considering rather dark content (no not the actors you racists).

But with high caliber props, thoughtful and expertly filmed action sequences (on par with anything I call a keeper for my collection), vehicles and WWII memorabilia. Enough eye candy for any WWII buff. The high points for me are literally too many to nail down. I am not lying when I say it was as "pretty" as "Band of Brothers" with the acting (spoken dialogue) of a top notch mafia movie; all executed so very well, bravo guys! I would honestly love to see many many more black guy war movies (IT'S ONLY FAIR Hollywood!)- Budget is important and so is teamwork. This film to me represents something that could kick off top grade future movies with heart, bravery and lovable moments. Time to find more moves by this director and team! Oh me? - White 40-50, Denver, Colorado, Pot Smoker and lover not a fighter :)

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