Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DILLA 2 / 10


I really wanted to like this but it rubbed me the wrong way. The bros came off as egotist more than minimalist. My concern is that while they are perhaps trying to promote a lifestyle, they are move actively trying to promote themselves.

As experts that were featured in the documentary noted: consumerism threatens our mental health and environment. Instead of focusing on this compelling argument--the bros wanted to talk about their moms, previous corporate success, their very successful blog spot #theminimalist and book which is available for download on Amazon. I would have preferred a focus on the reasons for converting to a minimalist lifestyle rather than a fun memory book Josh and Ryan's Excellent Adventure.

Reviewed by eshananas 7 / 10

Great idea, but lacks visual info.

There is not much in the documentary. They have documented their walkthroughs a little but that doesn't help the idea of minimalism.

Reviewed by jjrous 3 / 10

Disappointing treatment of an important subject

I am in full and enthusiastic agreement with most of the ideas presented in this movie. That's why I found it so disappointing.

With the exception of Sam Harris, Juliet Schor and President Carter (clips from the bravest speech ever given by a U.S. President), the talking heads were cloyingly earnest and oh, so good!

And stop all the hugging...please!

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