Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eshananas 7 / 10

Great idea, but lacks visual info.

There is not much in the documentary. They have documented their walkthroughs a little but that doesn't help the idea of minimalism.

Reviewed by jjrous 3 / 10

Disappointing treatment of an important subject

I am in full and enthusiastic agreement with most of the ideas presented in this movie. That's why I found it so disappointing.

With the exception of Sam Harris, Juliet Schor and President Carter (clips from the bravest speech ever given by a U.S. President), the talking heads were cloyingly earnest and oh, so good!

And stop all the hugging...please!

Reviewed by lachlanjmcewen 2 / 10

Great concept but this film adds nothing

If you strive to reduce the number of things that you own and simplify your life you will likely become happier, which is an idea that goes against what western culture is all about. And that's it! There is now no need for you to watch this film because all it does is introduce and repeat this message over and over in an incredibly tedious fashion. I suspect the real purpose of this film is to get you to buy the book, and because they have wasted my time, I wont be buying their book.

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