Ming of Harlem: Twenty One Storeys in the Air


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Reviewed by jake_fantom 2 / 10

Like watching paint dry

About 70% of this documentary — about a nutjob up in Harlem who kept a pet tiger and alligator in a 3-room apartment until the tiger tried to chew his leg off and the cops showed up — is a staged static-camera recreation of a tiger and an alligator (not the real ones, whose names were Ming and Al) roaming around a studio-set facsimile of the apartment . Literally, for something like 40 minutes, all we see is an alligator wandering past the camera, sniffing something in a corner, disappearing again, then reappearing. Clearly the filmmakers didn't have enough material from which to spin an actual documentary, which also explains the endless artfully-framed shots of Harlem streets and interiors, which seem to serve no purpose other than to fill up footage. The rest of the film is long tracking shots of a car driving around Harlem with the aforementioned nutjob, Antoine Yates, being chauffeured around to old haunts. I admit, he has a certain antic charm, but not nearly enough to glue this mess of a film together. When you realize, through Antoine's comments, that he not only thinks there was nothing wrong with keeping a pet alligator and tiger in a Harlem apartment, but actually thinks more people should take this approach in order to somehow preserve our wildlife, you understand that there is no point whatsoever to watching this sleep-inducing exercise in idiocy.

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