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Val Kilmer as Jake Harris
Jonny Lee Miller as Lucas Harper
Christian Slater as J.D. Reston
Patricia Velasquez as Nicole Willis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ragpap93 6 / 10

What people don't seem to get is that the smartest agents only appeared stupid because their weaknesses were exploited

As the baddy says toward the end of the movie that while the other agents were studying and training to be FBI agents the baddy studied them, their strengths and weaknesses. The baddy was smarter than them. Also they were in training without having much job experience yet. Obviously there is a difference between potential FBI agent and an experienced expert FBI agent. I'll admit the movie was not the most clever movie that would change your perspective on what a movie is but its not the dumbest movie or the worst movie ever. At the end of the day it was entertaining and that is all you need. Its definitely better than half the movies in 2017

Reviewed by denis888 10 / 10

Stood The Test Of Time

Sometimes, I wonder why such awesome films as Mindhunters was bashed by film critics and was a flop in theaters. Released in 2004, it has stood the test of time well and is viewed very fresh and well now. The reason - shorter time, excellent cast, with Jonny Lee Miller, Kathryn Morris and LL Cool J among the best, excellent pacing and very good camera work. I do recommend this FBI mouse-cat-whodunnit-drama as it offers many thrills and holds you at the edge of your seat. Excellent nail-biting thriller where you never guess who the main culprit is till the very end. It is also fine for its correct dark navy color scheme and very menacing cold atmosphere of fear and suspicion. My rate is 10

Reviewed by nzswanny 1 / 10

Not even worth watching for the famous actors...


...because they die in the first eighth of the movie.

What makes this so bad is not that they are the most respected actors in the film, it's the fact that they seemed to be the main focus at the start of the movie. The film never seemed to get the slightest character development from any of the other characters, and the editing was horrible. The movie didn't run smoothly. It felt like a TV movie, because it kept jumping from one scene to the other. First of all, they're accusing this guy, then they're accusing this guy, and this guy...your head may go dizzy keeping up with the film. The death scenes are also outrageously hilarious. I felt like I was watching a serious version of Airplane! The film is also very fast paced, and by fast paced, I mean faster than the damn Flash. There is a lot of death scenes in the movie that try to be emotional, but they aren't because we get zero character development to make us pity them. In fact, you kind of wanted the characters that didn't die to die. There was also a pointless scene at the start of the movie that was obviously trying to hook us...then it turned out to just be a police training sequence. So, they decide to go training on a desert island. Don't worry, the film gets worse as it goes along. In fact, the only good thing I can remember about this movie is the quotes in the film, which were quite funny, especially the "eeny meany miny moe who's the next mother to go" quote. But apart from that, this film was utter crap, and I can't believe some people find this underrated. I was expecting a lower score than 6.4/10 for this pile of stink.

Don't worry, there's also a lot of cliché helicopter flying scenes, which were popular in the early 2000's. Overall, I guess you can watch it to have a laugh, but if you're looking for a serious, gripping mystery with GOOD plot twists, stay away from this. 1.9/10!

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