Mimic: Sentinel


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Rebecca Mader as Carmen
Alexis Dziena as Rosy Montrose
Amanda Plummer as Simone Montrose
Lance Henriksen as Garbageman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_chinn 6 / 10

Surprisingly good direct-to-video Mimic sequel

Surprisingly decent direct-to-video third film in the Mimic franchise. The giant humanoid New York City cockroaches are back and put an apartment complex under siege. In the film's favor, Lance Henriksen plays the human baddie, which always helps, the special effects are nicely icky, there's a fun riff on "Rear Window," and best of all there's a surprising amount of character development. And Amanda Plummer even makes an appearance. Nothing great, but better than I expected and better than the second film in the franchise.

Reviewed by redrobin62-321-207311 4 / 10

Well, They Can't All Be Gems

Not sure why they even bothered making this film. Oh, yeah. I do. The Almighty Dollar - as good a reason as any, I guess.

You know a film sucks when you find yourself screaming at the screen, telling the inept characters to do things they're supposed to, not stupid things that simply propel the story along its collision course.

There were so many unanswered questions about the story that I don't know where to begin. I'm not even going to attempt that feat here because I'm signed in with Comcast Xfinity and I have only one hour of WiFi.

I like how the movie was too cheap to actually show the apartment building burning down, the hospital the sick kid showed up in, the emergency vehicles that carted him off in the first place, etc. (The director got away not showing anything by having the camera kept close-up on the kid's face and by using soundbites of events that should be visualized).

The film had a saving grace, however. It clocked in at 87 minutes. Good. Ten more minutes of that ineptitude and I would've had a stroke. And don't even get me started on the creature effects, or the fact that people go missing left and right, and gunshots go off left and right, and nary a police officer is in sight (other than the clown who showed up to bong the sick kid's mother).

Reviewed by GL84 6 / 10

A slight disappointment but still enjoyable

Stuck inside his apartment complex, a young cancer survivor who's an avid amateur photographer begins to suspect he's capturing a series of giant bug attacks around the building and tries to get the authorities to believe him before the creatures spread into the city.

There wasn't all that much in here that was really all that good. The majority of what works in this is the gradual buildup of the different methods to show the strange activity around the building, with his absolutely fanatical approach to photographing everything making for a rather interesting spin on the material. Though clich├ęd, it gives the scenes a distinct sense of voyeurism into something they shouldn't be doing, and adds a distinct sense of danger to the situation that is put on fine display with the searching around in his apartment where they believe it's empty and begin searching only to eventually find something else with them. As well, a lot of the fun here is due to the final minutes of the film as the insects are finally let loose and allowed to become the threats they really are. They're involved in two big attacks in that span, both of which are simply fantastic from the assault on the group out in the street during the purchase and the insects appear to spoil it all, while the apartment setting is simply creepy. Without a doubt, the best sequence is the refrigerator attack, where one is trapped inside a refrigerator and the insects repeatedly try to break through the door to get in. What makes it work is that it's completely told all throughout by the point-of-view of them inside, and when the door is closed, it's pitch-black inside only from the light to come crashing in when the door gets pulled open. It lends itself greatly to scares as it's original, inventive and actually suspenseful when the sudden crashes occur. Coupled with the nice gore, these comprise all the film's positives as there isn't that big of problems with this film. The biggest problem is that there's really nothing of real interest for the longest portion of the film. Just about all of the film's time is spent building up the relationship and giving reason for the adults to distrust them. That this is done in such a manner that you're watching the film from his point, and while it does work in that it gives us a great perspective on the film, unfortunately it means it holds back on everything you'll have come to watch this film for, the killer insects. The insects eventually decide to show up, but by they're coming in so late in the movie makes the beginning nearly impossible to sit through. How much you'll actually see of them varies from nothing to just a little. They look pretty cheap and are mainly confined to the shadows. In the other films, the insects represented a threat to humanity and you always felt that there were sufficient numbers of them and they were tough enough to pose a challenge. Here they don't. It's a real disturbing thought that the titular creatures can't even show up inside they're own film until the end. Otherwise, this is at least tolerable.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and graphic attacks on children.

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