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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
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Cheryl Ladd as Louise Baltimore
Kris Kristofferson as Bill Smith
Daniel J. Travanti as Arnold Mayer
Maury Chaykin as Roger Keane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 4 / 10

At least the last 10 seconds are cool.

This is basically a chick-flick with sci-fi elements and time travel. I am a huge fan of time travel films, which is why I watched this but ultimately this film is below average in terms of acting, plot, story and action/effects (taking into account the age of the film). I will say this, the last few seconds of the film are cool. Whatever, the movie still su%ks and even the title makes zero sense.

Reviewed by dedeurs 6 / 10

Um, Hollywood, how about a remake?

Basically I hate films about time travel, they usually break their backs on the paradoxes. "A Sound of Thunder" I found an exception; the screenplay is not too complicated. This one is also comprehensible, quite a relief. But the finale, the finale...was this a leftover from The Thunderbirds? "Millennium" BEGS for a remake. The short story by Varley made a huge impression on me in the 1970s, it's quite grim and gritty, but today's tough cinema and unrelenting CGI can cope with that. We would at least be able to avoid a Dynasty look like in this version (the airport hall is filled with catwalk models, come on!), and under direction of Spielberg or Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) the soapy love story would be much better to take. And a really good lead of course...yeez, Kristofferson had better taken the role of the robot. Supple as an airplane's wing, that man.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10

A sci pic, way ahead of it's millennium

I'd be the first to say, that this was one of those sci fi's with much more story than action, and it is, but it's the fascinating story itself, where if you think more and more about, layer upon layer, during or after, it becomes that more rewarding, sugar coated by a few really good performances. None the least is Kristofferson's too dry performance, as a crash investigator where a jet place has crashed (the cover poster for this movie, haunting) where everyone was burnt inside, before horrific and devastating impact ensued, which sees valuables and burnt up corpses, strewn across the crash site. Adding some real sexy spark to the investigation is Cheryl Ladd, (someone you couldn't more perfectly cast) a woman a thousand years (hence the title) from the future, who holds the key, sent back in time, parading as your not everyday hostess to check on how the investigation's going, while suffering a bit of a mishap, prefore, when dealing with a male hijacker. There are people out there, who will no doubt, think Millennium's the pits, where I liked it for it's story and performances, notably Ladd's, Brent Carver's as one ugly human, whose face looks to have been burnt up, who is Ladd's boss on the other side, where we also have an R2 D2 robot (Joy) who of course later on, went onto to play some interesting and vile characters, in some blood and guts horrors of the millennium. It's Daniel (Hill Street Blues) J Travanti's performance that will have you, as an avid and smug scientist, you so do hope, won't get on Kristofferson's nerves. Millennium does make you think, but on realistic ground, it is what it is, fiction, and a one of a kind sci-fi pic, a so unique one, that stands on it's own, and a very good one. Like the millennium itself, this is one you don't want to miss.

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