Midnight Express


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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John Hurt as Max
Randy Quaid as Jimmy Booth
Alan Parker as Long-Haired Man at Airport
Brad Davis as Billy Hayes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by riffed04 1 / 10

Interview with the real Billy on YouTube!!!

This movie claims to be based on a true story but just like many other Hollywood productions, it warps the truth to an unrecognizable mess. If you want to hear the real story behind the movie, you should see the interview with the real "Billy Hayes" on YouTube at:



The real "Billy Hayes" even says that he'd like to go back to Turkey to visit Istanbul. Now that's a slap on the face of the producers of the movie who have demonized all Turks for their personal gain of a statue. They would have received more Oscars if they portrayed the events in realistic terms as "Billy" explains in the interview.

In my opinion, the story of how the real "Billy" made it to the border after he ran away from the prison, would make a wonderful action/adventure movie. Of course, that's where the movie ends, having achieved its purpose of slandering a complete nation.

Down with Hollywood!! Long live YouTube for giving a voice to the suppressed truth!

Reviewed by caespoo 1 / 10

Idiotic and blatantly racist

I can't for the life of me, understand those that think the idiocy, the blatant racism, the retarded angle with which A WHOLE NATION OF 70 MILLION PEOPLE! are portrayed as subhuman pigs in this film would have anything to do with being "artistic" or "true story" etc... Turkey takes millions of tourists every year, that go there on their own free will, again and again, millions and millions of western tourists for chrissakes! How in the world could this dumb movie have anything to do with reality?! It is just simply amazing and telling of our times that this racist filth is taken seriously and rated so high to boot! Well done idiots!

Reviewed by 1 / 10

Completely biased, dishonest and one-sided movie

First of all, the movie has inaccurate portrayal of the events and it is dishonest, more violent as a national hate-film. Many hearts were broken in Turkey" due to this film. Although the film is set largely in Turkey, most of the location work was done in Malta, using local actors along with some Greeks and Armenians playing Turks. At some occasions in movie, people supposedly speaking Turkish are, in fact, speaking Maltese. Moreover most of the supposedly Turkish dialogs are so inarticulate that they cannot be understood even by natives. Throughout the whole film, Turks figure as brutes, militarists, bloodthirsty, stupid and evil torturers and sadistic, in brief as true "bastards". Their image is a real caricature: ugly, with a mustache, badly shaved, suntanned, with eyes and hair very dark. They are stereotypical persons, who, even when they are killed in the film, they always have the lot they deserve! In an interview in 1984 producer David Puttnam admitted that the film is based on a "dishonest book".

Billy Hayes reveals himself 20 years after his release, that what is presented in the movie is a very exaggerated and fictional version of what happened to him in the prison in Istanbul, Turkey.

Finally, after 25 years, Oliver Stone has apologized to Turkey for this film in 2004 when he visited Turkey. He admitted that he did not do any research about the so called "true story" of Billy Hayes before he wrote the script. This hate-film has been definitely affected the relations between Turkish and American people as well as Turkish tourism.

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