Miami Vice


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Justin Theroux as Detective Larry Zito
Naomie Harris as Trudy Joplin
Colin Farrell as Sonny Crockett
Jamie Foxx as Ricardo Tubbs
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Cinematic adaptation from classic TV with action, suspense and violence

This is a story about being undercover, and what happens when you go deep undercover.Particularly if you're doing an operation in a foreign country, where your badge doesn't count and where you can't have SWAT team surveillance you, and people are not in contact, you really are out on the edge. It's the allure of doing that undercover work and what happens to you when you're deep in that role of that fabricated identity. These roles protagonists(Colin Farrell,Jamie Foxx as Sonny Crockett and Tubbs) are filled by real deal. This is a cool film directed by Michael Mann. He tells that his ambitions with a picture like that was to really go exploring into some of diverse areas. It's shot in location Scout, South America. One of the exciting things about Michael Mann is the choosing real location all the time. We're dealing with environment that can often surprise us. Whether it's the light, whether it's dramatic moment with the sky, or some interior or some sort of background action that would not have happened in a controlled backlog situation. Michael gets this slickness, finding places, that, you know , that aren't even on the map.He makes as real as he possibly can. He's all about, why fake it, when you can do it for real? . The cameraman Dion Beebe gets a maximum chromatic saturation. The shooting in these places like Ciudad del Este is incredibly stimulating and exciting.It's a Tri-border area where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet. It's such a unique part of the world. This town have people who are from Middle East, Lebanese and Syrians, a lot of ethnic Chinese and the country speaks Guarani, which is the indigenous language. These people were extras and director got to be pretty determined to get a crew to these places. Also was shot a lot of stuff in the Dominican Republic and in some areas, it took a lot of social engineering to be able to bring a film company in and shoot responsibly and shoot safely. The main shooting is Miami, it's kind of globalized city with a huge population and a lot of money, and lot of people from Haiti, Brazil, Venezuela Columbia. In the movie Miami seems to have elevated itself, up into the most sensual which is up into the air.It's reflected the storm systems, the clouds, the dramatic weather and nature in a very, almost tactile way. Filming in really swank, fantastic places, and the girls are still beautiful(Gong Li, Naomie Harris,Elizabeth Rodriguez) and the cars are still fast but doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the underbelly of Miami.The city is photographed with alluring, it's very attractive, very engaging , sensual and also very dangerous and things that we can see around the images; furthermore an atmospheric music score by John Murphy. The motion picture is well realized by the successful director Michael Mann.

Reviewed by adevaalvoxx 9 / 10

Manns hard-boiled opus to the genre electrifies those paying enough attention

A lot of bad reviews for this film, and as undeservedly as they are, the arguments have a sort of merit. Namely the spare and crisp dialog, which, with every word illuminates another twist, might leave some confused as to why the events unfolding are happening, but an attentive viewer will find nuance, style and machismo blending beautifully and epic, into a film that can be almost endlessly re watched if given a few months each time. Mann directs an absolutely mesmerizing Ferrell and even manages to allow Foxx not being made for the role to creep into our minds as a possibility, as he delivers a performance i think would have been far less impressive without judicious and liberal time on the cutting room floor. Formulaic? Nah, just something of a standard done so well, you can hardly remember it ever sounding so good.

Reviewed by matthewacollier 10 / 10

Michael Mann's Idiosyncratic Masterwork


Viewed Theatrical Cut

As luxurious as it is beautiful, Michael Mann's Miami Vice is one of the most bizarre movies I've ever seen. Not necessarily in content, but more so in how that content is shot, scored, and cut together into a film. The cinematography is beautifully strange, utilizing hand-held in a way similar to Hard to Be a God(or should I say Hard to Be a God is shot in a way similar to this?), and the way the film is edited is so unorthodox is scene structure and narrative flow that it made me think that Michael Mann was warming up to Terrence Malick's method of jagged editing, deciding to use it in a police procedural, of all things, to make a wholly original experience. The film manages to have a luxurious pace that also has a very consistent flow to it, keeping the plot running while developing character and atmosphere simultaneously, making every single second count. It's astonishing the way the film manages to apply this editing style to something so seemingly foreign, and make it all gel together. The performances are extremely strong as well, with Jamie Foxx giving one of his best performances I've ever seen from him, as well as Colin Farrell bringing a multifaceted character to life beautifully in the course of the narrative. One thing I did notice was a distinct lack of action, but what I realize now is that this isn't even really an action movie. It has 3 great action sequences, but it's really about the way the characters function with each other and with their environment in Miami. It's all so idiosyncratic, yet unmistakably successful, that the entire film feels like an entirely foreign world from ours despite the level of realism that the film captures. I don't have anything else to say about this beast of a film, unfortunately; it's greatness eludes me. For now, just know that I loved this movie, and although not everyone will love it(there's no surprise that this film and Knight of Cups have nearly the same rating on IMDb, they practically share the same textures), those who will will find they have discovered a small/big masterpiece.

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