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Stellan Skarsgård as Ralph Parker
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Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10

A new kind of animation and probably the only kind to exist.

A very unique Scandinavian-English language film from the technical aspect. The only one kind in the whole world which is actually an experimental product from the new productions. It was made primarily using photoshop, and then adobe after effects for animation. If you're wondering what kind it is, actually a 2.5D animation, that means it is neither 2D or 3D, but between those two. Like tricking the 2D object as the 3D material.

Well they have succeeded to bring a visually impressive animation that mainly focused on the film character faces. The story was decent which is another dystopian concept where metro trains are the main content, hence it is called 'Metropia'. But the title also means 'visual refraction', that's what the story is slightly related too.

Anyway, it was very suspenseful till the final and mostly talking drama than physical action sequences. At some point I felt it was like the recent stop-motion animation 'Anomalisa', but realised that I predicted wrong and the story travelled in a different path to end decently. Though the overall film was very impressive from both technical and narrative wise. One must not miss it, just for a its rare kind, especially you like animations, but best suitable for adults.


Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 8 / 10

Stunningly unique

Tarik Saleh's Metropia is for me the most striking animated film of the decade. It's crafted with a process called photo montage, in which the likenesses of the actors, or vague traces of them, are mapped into stunningly rendered images of eye boggling depth and clarity. The color palette and tone is groggy, grey and bleak, but because of the dazzling animation, such bleary proceedings seem gorgeous, a feast for the eyes and minds of anyone who loves innovative technology. The story itself isn't particularity groundbreaking, although well executed and with moments of singular brilliance. Because of the unique visuals on display though, we coast along on that high, and the story rises to meet it. Oddball cult favourite Vincent Gallo plays Roger, a timid office drone in a drab futuristic Europe, connected by an intricate underground metro system. He begins to hear voices, which are nefarious in nature, and lead him on a search that brings him to a multinational corporation involved in mind and body control for the sake of product sales, run by tyrant tycoon Ivan Bahn (Udo Kier, having a ball). He's pursued by the companies security force, headed up by Ralph (Stellan Skarsgard) and meets the voice itself, a drone just like him played by Alexander Skarsgard. He is aided by the mysterious Nina ( Juliette Lewis) in his search for the truth and a way out of the confusing conspiracy plaguing him. It's a paced, methodical movie, instead of loud diversions or cheap thrills, like a lot of animated gunk these days. It uses its skills sparingly to advance plot, making the magic in its animation all the more impactful when we do get to see it. It's also really funny in parts. It owes it's story to Orwellian efforts like 1984, as well as Terry Gilliam's Brazil, but makes an effort to break new ground of its own. A treat, if you're able to find it anywhere.

Reviewed by druidistic 3 / 10

Weak Sauce

(spoilers are a real time saver)

...Imagine a world, in the not so distant future, where people resemble CGI renderings of the "Team America: World Police" puppets...

So lemme get this straight - natural resources dried up and the global economy collapsed as the 3 sentence text intro narrates for us. And yet, they were able to link up a continental metro system and keep it up and running? mmkay.

Dandruff shampoo is used to read and manipulate the minds of the masses. Altho the shampoo doesn't eliminate dandruff, it is used by everyone (actually half of everyone), including bald people, ... unconditionally. (What did you think of my conditioner pun?) Maybe that shampoo is their only option because of a future shampoo monopoly. I mean, You can't just not wash your hair in grungy dysfunctional dystopiaville. Or maybe the hot blonde in the brainwashing ad was just too convincing. I don't know, everyone uses the same shampoo, just go with it.

And listening in on your thoughts (as provided somehow by shampoo) from the other end is some dude at a desk. There's a one-to-one ratio between people on the shampoo and people being controlled. Half the population controls the other, but hey, they just work there, what else can they do?

Look, I understand it's an art form and you gotta take liberties, but c'mon, this is just too dumb to be serious. I dunno, maybe I'm just too left brained for this one.

The main character is just a "normal" guy us simpletons in the audience can identify with. Ah, how pleasantly belittling.

The music was as empty as the blank expressions on that blonde girl's face.

It was so dark I could barely see half the time.

Some of the voice acting felt flat, forced, like read from the script. Comparing it to a cheap video game would be a slight exaggeration, but it made me think of such nonetheless.

I used to enjoy dystopian movies, but I guess I'm getting burned out. What are they supposed to represent? The evil corporations? The ones that put high fructose corn syrup in everything? Little known fact - the only reason we know about high octane sugar is because they're required to give us an ingredient list.

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