Metallica Through the Never


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 6 / 10

2 stars for the "film" component, 4 stars for the concert. There's nothing like seeing Metallica live, as the 15,000 people in the crowd can attest to!

Pretty simple - if you like Metallica, you'll enjoy this film, and if you don't like their music - don't watch it! It's essentially a concert film, although shorter than usual, since they only play 14 songs over 90min, rather than the usual 18-20 songs over 140min. The only difference being that this concert is interspersed with 2-5min clips of the roadie (DeHaan) fetching a bag...

I admire what Metallica have tried to do here - spicing up a standard concert film by adding some narrative - but it doesn't really work as you don't really care what's going on outside the venue, especially since it makes no sense! It's basically just the roadie running around, being chased in a fantasy land... And pretty frustrating with the intentional tease of what's in the bag?

The actual concert itself is great - when you open with two of your best songs ('Creeping Death' and 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'), it's pretty amazing that you can still have songs just as good at the end! I wish they had the full 'Ecstasy of Gold' intro - it's pretty special live. I found it funny that 'Through The Never' (off the Black album) never got a run, and 'One', 'Cyanide' and 'Wherever I May Roam' are all cut short. But the amount of effort put into the stage show and design - on top of the coffins used for all of the Death Magnetic tour - is astounding. The stage is made of LED's, plenty of lasers and pyrotechnics, there's the statue from And Justice For All, headstones from Master of Puppets and a giant electric chair from Ride The Lightning. The only thing I didn't like of the concert part was the end to 'Enter Sandman', which was ripped (unnecessarily) off their concert DVD, 'Cunning Stunts'. Also, the band playing all of 'Orion' during the credits is pretty great. Not bad for a bunch of 50-year-olds!

Reviewed by skjeffrey 9 / 10

Great Concert Film with a Mini-Story

This is an excellent live concert film of a great band, with a story thrown in. The lighting, sound, performance, editing and effects are all absolutely first class. A lot of thought went into this piece of work.

I know Metallica fairly well, having bought their first two albums when they were first released on vinyl in the 1980's. The band has had their ups and downs but this is definitely one of the high points in their career. Metallica likely realized when they conceived the project that live concert footage can be remote and lack intensity, as the viewer doesn't experience the concert energy of seeing the band live. Therefore they added a cinematic story element that has metaphors for the songs. Brilliant idea, even if the story is difficult to understand.

The people that give this a film a low rating completely miss the point and misunderstand what this is about. I have no idea how anyone expected a movie in the standard Hollywood sense. It is a piece of work that is different, innovative and effective and I applaud Metallica for the effort. Anyone who enjoys hard rock / heavy metal on any level should see this movie.

I attended one of the shows in which some of the filming was done and the live experience was outstanding.

Reviewed by ejamessnyder 7 / 10

A must-see for Metallica fans

This film was released theatrically in IMAX 3D, just as it was intended to be seen. Unfortunately, I was unable to see it in that form and had to settle for the DVD. I still enjoyed it, however, but know it only would have been that much better to see theatrically.

Metallica Through the Never is a very original film that is enjoyable throughout and doesn't require a lot of thinking. But it was not quite what I was expecting. The trailer for the film shows a roadie for the band going on a wild, action-packed adventure while the band plays a show elsewhere. The trailer is heavily narrated by the roadie and gave me the impression that his story would comprise a good half—if not the majority—of the film, while also giving a clear indication that Metallica's performance would play a large role.

However, the roadie's story—which is intercut with the band's performance—feels like it only takes up a total of about ten minutes, with the rest being devoted to Metallica rocking. I got the feeling that the original intention was for it to take up more of the running time but things didn't work out that way. Additionally, the roadie's scenes contain almost zero dialogue and absolutely no narration. His adventure doesn't make a whole lot of sense, either. Or, at the very least, it is wide open for interpretation.

None of these are bad things. They're just different from what I'd expected. I don't know if they recorded the narration just for the trailer or chose to cut it from the film, but I'm glad it was not included. The movie if far better without it. The audio from Metallica's performance plays seamlessly through the adventure and it always sounds great. While it may not make a whole lot of sense, it's immensely fun to watch, and if you're a Metallica fan you shouldn't be disappointed when it switches back to showing the band on stage. If you're not a fan, this probably isn't the film for you.

One of my main concerns before watching this movie was the choice of songs. Somehow I'd gotten the idea that it would be more heavily focused on the band's more recent material, as if they were trying to market that stuff. I don't hate their new stuff, but I'm a fan of the classics. Fortunately, I was mistaken. The band plays songs from throughout its career and all but one or two of them were from the days when the year started with a one.

I went to a concert not too long ago at a stadium. The band was not Metallica, but they were just as big and they had a lot of fancy special effects and screens showing images that went along with the music. I remember thinking it was all kind of neat and different in a way, but didn't really make the whole experience that much better. It was just a lot of superfluous flashiness. Well the same kinds of effects were used by Metallica in the concert footage shot for this film, including upward-facing screens on the stage floor. But here they are done right. They are shown and edited together in such a perfect way that it absolutely makes the music and the overall experience better, especially when they introduce "One."

It's a feast for the eyes and for the ears. It is absolutely never boring. As a matter of fact, it may be the least boring film I've seen in years. Every nanosecond is insane and it doesn't drag on for one second too long. The ending is great too, both musically and from a story standpoint. The two work together to give the viewer a great feeling and a wonderful experience. Even though the story is somewhat ambiguous, it still wraps up nicely in its own way. We see everything we need to see. This is the kind of movie I could watch over and over again and never get sick of it.

And the roadie's adventure includes numerous references to the band's songs that fans should enjoy. Even during the performance scenes there a couple fun, scripted things happening onstage that make the film more exciting and enjoyable. But by and large, it's a concert video with a twist. A concert video alone would be enough, but all the added stuff just makes it better. It's a fun and unique experience that is totally original and not quite like anything I've ever seen before. Metallica fans will love it.

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