Mercury Rising


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 60576


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Bruce Willis as Art Jeffries
Peter Stormare as Shayes
Alec Baldwin as Nick Kudrow
Kim Dickens as Stacey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 6 / 10

Cracking the code

Mercury Rising is a cliched thriller with a good performance from its three main stars, Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin and Miko Hughes.

Hughes is an autistic boy, Simon who likes puzzles and finds one that is supposed to be an uncrackable government code. Once bad guy Baldwin finds out that one small autistic boy can crack this code and potentially put covert operatives around the world in danger, he orders the boy to be killed rather than fix the code.

Willis is the burnt out FBI agent who is tasked to keep the boy safe.

The film is rather routine and conventional, the performances are earnest enough to make it watchable and even overlook some of the silliness of the plotting.

Reviewed by chloe baby93 9 / 10

Late review of Mercury Rising.

I don't understand why this film has such a low rating, is it the plot or acting? To me, both were good and did exactly what it set out to achieve. Does this film scream top movie of all time? Definitely not but it's an easy to watch film with great acting from Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin and the main child. I've seen much worse acting from other children his age and he played his part well. All of the supporting cast also did a good job and none of them were miscast in their roles. I've probably seen this film more than 50 times since it's release, just as entertaining as the first time I watched it. Won't leave any spoilers here but all I'll say is, if you haven't given this film a go by now and want a film to relax to, this film is great to pass the time.


Reviewed by view_and_review 5 / 10

Style Over Substance

A nine-year-old autistic boy solves a complex encryption code called "Mercury". That sets off a chain of secretive and seedy events to cover up that discovery.

The premise of the movie was awesome but its approach and execution was comical. What's the surest way to keep secret the fact that a multi-billion dollar program was undermined by a nine-year-old autistic boy? Kill him of course. That's where the movie went "left"--to use the words of rap mogul and world class buffoon, Birdman.

This movie was a wave of rampant executions in order to keep an expensive program alive. One-by-one people ended up dead even if they had the remotest affiliation with "Mercury" and their deaths weren't particularly imaginative or covered up.

I really think the writers lacked creativity. This movie could've been so much better had the powers-that-be gone about everything differently-- meaning intelligently. But such is Hollywood most times, they prefer style over substance.

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