Mercenary for Justice


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Steven Seagal as John Seeger
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Reviewed by Comeuppance Reviews 5 / 10

More Shooting Than Martial Arts

I liked Seagal.... In his prime. A long time ago, (Okay, 1989) Steven Seagal was the master of the martial arts, A man who speaks little, but makes up for it in kicking ass... and he was lean and mean. Nowadays, he's fat, he can barely talk above a whisper, and he just doesn't care. But he keeps churnin' out the junk.

And I keep falling victim to it. For Seagal DTV standards, (does that even make sense?) it isn't as bad as "Submerged" , but it's not as good as "Belly Of The Beast".

The plot: John Seeger (you know who...) is an ex-mercenary, CIA, FBI dude, who has to break into a prison, while orchestrating a bank robbery. Then Seeger shoots lots of people. That's about it.

What's with the three word titles? Enough already. I guess people don't think it's a Seagal flick without a three word title. The title doesn't even make sense. A mercenary works for money and he has no soul, he doesn't do it for justice.

The only actors good in this is Roger Guenveur Smith as the villain Mr. Chapel and Luke Goss as Dresham. But even they were coasting.

If you want a good Seagal flick, go with "Out For Justice" instead.

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

One of the better Eastern European Seagal vehicles

Steven Seagal's direct-to-video movies have been on something of a downward spiral as of late, so it's nice to see a film that finally takes a step in the right direction. MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE is no masterpiece by anybody's reckoning, but it's nevertheless a slick, action-packed thriller that doesn't take itself too seriously, while at the same time offering up a number of humorous supporting characters, a little welcome comedy and plenty of bangs for your bucks. Seagal himself presides over things, looking surprisingly distinguished in a suit, but bloated and aged elsewhere. At least fans can be thankful that he doesn't have somebody else dubbing his voice this time around (as in the likes of TICKER) and we do get to see him take part in some fun fight scenes, displaying his trademark aikido moves. Elsewhere a body double steps in as Seagal's character runs across some rocks, but we can forgive that.

The plot is typically convoluted, but then you wouldn't expect anything else from this kind of movie. There are double and triple crosses, lots of nefarious bad guys, and some MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE style intrigues in bank vaults. One thing the film has in its favour is some great, stylish camera-work, done well on the low budget – if you can call a multi-million dollar budget a low budget – and strong, inspired direction. The script is mundane but there are some great supporting characters who steal Seagal's limelight; newcomer Jacqueline Lord is devilishly attractive as the heroine of the piece, while BLADE II's Luke Goss plays a corrupt government agent with typical aplomb. Roger Guenveur Smith's performance is less assured as another villain – I can't decide whether he's good or bad – and South African Adrian Galley steals all his scenes as a beefy bodyguard with a nice line in humour.

The action is fun and varied, ranging from war action at the beginning (great) to a house-under-siege at the end, reminiscent of THE KILLER. Between then there are some cool fights, including a battle between Seagal and a goon in a bathroom that is really painful to watch. Necks and arms are broken with relish and blood spatters everywhere once the shooting starts. The title is somewhat amusing, seeing as Seagal goes about gunning down policemen and SWAT team members without blinking an eyelid; yet we're still supposed to identify 100% with this 'hero'. All in all, MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE is a film more entertaining than it has any right to be, and a real treat for Seagal fans who thought the actor had lost his way.

Reviewed by namashi_1 5 / 10

A Routine Fare!

'Mercenary for Justice' is a routine fare, that works only in parts. Its a regular Steven Seagal film, with good action & a strictly passable story.

'Mercenary for Justice' Synopsis: A mercenary gets involved in a mission that threatens the lives of his kin. In order to succeed, he must break into one of the most well guarded prisons in Eastern Europe and free the son of the most notorious drug lord in the world today.

Not much really stands out in here, besides Seagal of course. I've been a fan of his & he does deliver some kick-ass action here too. Although appearing morbidly overweight, the action star still has the chops. As for the Screenplay, it has some interesting moments & some sequences, particularly the penultimate portions, are engaging. Don E. Fauntleroy's Direction is alright.

On the whole, 'Mercenary for Justice' is, at best, a one-time watch.

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