Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
IMDb Rating 2.5 10 9839


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Lorenzo Lamas as Allan Baxter
Debbie Gibson as Emma MacNeil
Mark Hengst as Dick Ritchie
Vic Chao as Seiji Shimada
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 1 / 10

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

About four years before the Sharknado series graced, or rather disgraced, the screens, this was the first in what would become a series of low-budget movies featuring the titular Mega Shark, you can probably guess the outcome of each one when you watch. Basically off the coast of Alaska, oceanographer Emma MacNeil (singer Debbie Gibson) is aboard an experimental submarine studying the migration patterns of whales. Meanwhile, a military helicopter drops experimental sonar transmitters into the water, causing a pod of whales to go out of control and ram into a nearby glacier, and the chaos causes the helicopter to crash into the glacier. The combined damage breaks the giant glacier open, thawing two hibernating, prehistoric creatures, a giant shark and a giant octopus are freed. The octopus has tentacles large enough to wrap around an entire structure, it brings down a drilling platform off the coast of Japan, while the shark has a bite powerful to destroy structures, it brings down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. MacNeil investigates the reports of giant creatures causing destruction, she recovers what appears to be a giant shark tooth from the corpse of a beached whale. MacNeil's old professor, former U.S. Navy pilot Lamar Sanders (Sean Lawlor), believes it belongs to a Megalodon, an enormous species of shark thought to be extinct for 1.5 million years, while Japanese scientist Dr. Seiji Shimada (Vic Chao) confirms the existence of the giant octopus. MacNeil reflects on the melting of the polar ice caps, due to man-made global warming, she wonders if the creatures are mankind's "comeuppance". The scientists work in the laboratory to develop a method to lure the creatures, MacNeil and Shimada become attracted in the process, while the naval and military forces plan many strikes to destroy the monsters. MacNeil, Sanders, and Shimada strongly oppose the use of nuclear weapons, as an alternative, MacNeil suggests using a pheromone to attract both prehistoric beasts, the two creatures are believed to have been frozen in ice locked in combat, they must be natural rivals and their aggressiveness towards one another will cause them to fight to the death if they're lured together. The shark and octopus are brought together and begin to fight, they part once or twice to attack the oncoming submarines and attack ships, in engaged in a fierce battle, the octopus strangles the shark to death, while the octopus dies from blood loss, dismembering its tentacles, the two still locked from their battle sink to the bottom of the ocean. Also starring Lorenzo Lamas as Allan Baxter, Mark Hengst as Dick Ritchie, Michael The as Takeo, Jonathan Nation as Vince and Chris Haley as Kenji. There's not really any point mentioning the cast, it is unclear if they are taking things seriously or not, as with many movies like this, the story is absolutely ridiculous, the script and dialogue is nonsense, and the special effects are far away from special, they are atrocious, it is just a complete waste of time, a crap science-fiction horror. Poor!

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 3 / 10

Giant monsters can be bad too

This is probably the first time I've witnessed a movie made by the Asylum, one of the lowest rated movie companies ever. I thought initially that this was something made by the Syfy Channel. I guess I got it mixed up with "Sharknado". No matter how you look at it, this is lame too. I guess I'm not giving it a lower rating simply because it's apparently not as bad as other films they made. You'd think a movie with this title would feature these guys fighting a lot. Instead, I think they have less than two whole minutes of fighting.

I mean, I knew that was going to happen. In any cheesy sci-fi movie with bad CGI, you know it's going to be like that. Most of this film is talking with little mega shark or giant octopus. I guess it does in fact have a plot but it matters little. I knew from the start that those two scientists were going to be romantic interests. Even as someone who loves romance, I knew that was forced. This is full of bad special effects and it's completely boring. *1/2

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 2 / 10

Mega rubbish

Bad special effects, rubbish sets, ridiculous story line, poor, unconvincing acting - including a has been pop star - why do they keep churning these stupid, trashy movies out?? For suckers like me to keep watching!! Some of these Mega movies are funny because they are so stupid but this one can't even achieve that. Avoid

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