Mean Guns


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Ice-T as Vincent Moon
Yuji Okumoto as Hoss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benmckenna-1 5 / 10

tame guns

OK let me start by saying I was after this movie for about 5 years before I finally got the chance to get it on Blu-ray of all things. this movie sounded remarkable, good cheesy cast, awesome idea & just overall testosterone filled mayhem.

I was wrong.

first off its not terrible (bar the acting, screenplay & style) its b movie goodness. it falls flat for one gigantic reason.

there isn't a spec of blood at all!!!! I'm not lying out of all the characters one person is seen with a proper wound and I was worried cause I thought someone had actually shot her.

now i'm not saying you need violence to make a film good... but in a film where its 100 assassins locked in a prison with the aim to kill each other, yes you f***ing do! people are beaten to death, strangled, shot, thrown, hell one woman gets her head blown up (oddest scene in the movie)but its all down just fall down and die style.

all in all this could have been great, it just had to be what it said on the tin.

Reviewed by bh_tafe3 7 / 10

Surprisingly Good

I remember watching this on VHS with a friend who was obsessed with Christopher Lambert and thinking it was quite interesting and I would like to see it again. And walking through a Collector's shop there it was, the dumb title grinning at you on a now oversized looking VHS cover. I made the purchase. Let's whack it in the player and see if this was actually worth the $3 Australian I paid for it.

So we start with Ice T (he's in this) a major player in a crime syndicate who's invited 100 hardened criminals (and one seemingly innocent girl), who have all wronged his syndicate, to fight to the death inside a prison facility that is to be opened the following day. Only the last three (at least they resisted the temptation to say "There can be only one") will walk away with $10 million. "What if we don't want to play?" one of the criminals asks. "THEN DON'T." Ice T answers shooting him in the chest.

This is a pretty intelligent film given the subject matter. There are a lot of alliances made and the fighting, while artsy, does try to trend towards realism. Though there are a few scenes where director Albert Pyun (B-movie go to guy) can't help himself. The ending is surprisingly well thought out and satisfying. The main issue here is the lighting, it's usually far too bright and the walls are all white and grey. Darkness would have worked better. It would be interesting to see what David Fincher or Quentin Tarantino (for very different reasons) would have done with this.

This is a good little movie. Decent story and passable performances. Smarter than I thought it would be. Hard to get hold of, but worth a watch.

Reviewed by David Alvarez 5 / 10


Film Series B led by Albert Pyunn ineffable, and part of a notion similar to what we saw in the Japanese film Battle Royale.

The film does look clearly Series B, but its setting is achieved and it is interesting but hardly explored.

The script is so simple, a crime syndicate or force gathers 100 of his most blood thirsty murderers hired to participate in a battle against All in all, the proposal is: 100 men, 1,000 guns, and can only be three. The award ?, 10 million.

So the film goes straight to the point by showing a series of shootings and lots of action, with some thoughtful pause to give some depth has a script that does not really have any.

In general it is a film to poor. Have an interesting idea but only exploits half. The action scenes are good, but they lack emotion and more blood. It is noted that a previous film was the ยจ Matrix.

Also missing most charismatic and interesting characters, Lambert makes a very ambiguous and abstract character, and meets Ice T, but has few scenes to show off. Of the remaining couple of friends highlight the arms, and a redhead that is not bad.

The soundtrack on the other hand, is totally inadequate, shooting scenes with mambo music, as that no.

Yet it is entertained by the amount of action you have and how little is taken seriously, and because as I said, your proposal is interesting.

You can see, though I recommend much more Battle Royale. This is more like a fun prank 90 of those years.

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