Me Before You


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 146675


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Emilia Clarke as Lou Clark
Sam Claflin as Will Traynor
Jenna Coleman as Katrina "Treena" Clark
Charles Dance as Stephen Traynor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by honeypoohsharma 9 / 10

Must watch

One of the movies you can't get over after one watch.Portrayed in the best possible way this story could be.You get every reason to judge Will for being a meek to opt for euthanasia instead of accepting the way his life was, but a lot more reasons not to, for this was not the life he planned .But he made sure he made Clark's life a better one. And through this he lived though he died at the end.

Reviewed by yasiru1991 5 / 10

Not impressive as other love hits ..

First thing i should emphasize is , when you compare this film with Walk to Remember Me Before you really not up to catch that caliber.

Film fails to attach the viewer emotionally during the play time. Story is distant from the viewer hence there will be no solid connection built between the film and the viewer.

Story line is almost predictable , but so as Walk to Remember. But this story fails to add those tiny little spicy things to the story which will really really hurt the viewer at the end. Film ends but viewer will feel alright that he(Will) died but at any stage they did not want him to die. Director should create those small small moments which makes the viewer in tears when the character dies.

Acting is not good. Its average from both Loise and Will as well, It may have cost the luxury of a good chemistry between them as well.

Reviewed by cheergal 7 / 10

Not so cliche after all

There were a series of romantic novels where I am from called three-room drama, i.e. story line following living, bedroom and dinning rooms. So I intentionally avoid watching this kind of movies. However, this one stroked a different tune. I am not against it and actually enjoyed it.

This is a Cinderella story which has been inhabited in female's young mind since the time began but in a unconventional form. It typically starts with wealthy, good looking male met with simple-minded above average looking struggling female coincidentally. Of course, the white knight with shinning armors will rescue the poor supposing princess eventually. This one is no difference. Nevertheless, the white knight was not with her physically but spiritually in the end. Also, Cinderella indeed tried to rescue him instead but fail to prevail. In my opinion, this ending kept the integrity of Cinderella story instead of the version of them getting married then living happily ever after which some audience might prefer. The white knight had to rescue the girl. The writer did this ending brilliantly.

It's a warm and enjoyable movie. It also somehow presented the depth of humanity. I am not totally on board with assistance suicide. But it is something we all can put some thought into it.

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