Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 6835


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Steven Yeun as Derek Cho
Dallas Roberts as The Reaper
Kerry Fox as Irene Smythe
Steven Brand as John Towers 'The Boss'
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Davis 9 / 10

Fantastic Film. Pure enjoyment.

Just saw this at the Fantasia film festival last night and loved every second. A humour-filled, ultra-violent movie which skewers corporate office life -often literally. For anyone who has ever worked in a cubicle or hated their boss. Brilliantly funny and gory in equal amounts. So glad I went!

Reviewed by paradux 9 / 10

Brilliant timely and (clearly) unappreciated

Part social satire, part action film, part zombie end-of-the-world story, this wonderful little gem is technically perfect, well acted and scripted, and generally more fun than a barrel of hammers.

The fact that viewers don't seem to get it seems more a symptom of how conflicted our society has become than any actual fault in the film. A quarter century ago, Michael Douglas did FALLING DOWN (1993) which explored the same theme and audiences immediately connected. This is a better film and more relevant.

if you work for a large firm or simply are alive on the planet and wondering where society is headed. this is for you. Recommended.

Reviewed by stokesy1012002 9 / 10

Gem of a B List Film!

This was a breath of fresh air and I loved every minute of it and to be honest this was one for the B list actors as A lister's I feel would have ruined it?

Samara Weaving is one to watch out for and will no doubt soon be in big blockbusters!! Great actress who very much looks like Margot Robbie but fitter and has more of a presents on screen. She did great in The Babysitter too. My new Favourite female actress for sure.

Any way back to the movie...

The special effects was above par for the budget and acting was solid all round!

I am sure if an A lister was in this movie it would have made it into the mainstream Cinema's and not just 'Film Festival'

9 out of 10

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