Maximum Overdrive


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Emilio Estevez as Bill Robinson
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Stephen King as Man at Bank ATM
Yeardley Smith as Connie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darthMisaskernew 9 / 10

One of the best B-movies ever made!

Maximum Overdrive rules! I cant stand people who hate this movie. "Durr it has killer semi trucks, it are a bad movie durr durr" Man, go away. This movie is awesome, a B-movie classic with some of the best action, gore, and music ever put into this kind of film. It is also the only film directed by Stephen King, who honestly does a great job with the stylized editing style and cinematography. It is about killer semi-trucks that come to life and run over people on their own...and that's about it. AC/DC does the music for the film, and I mean like they wrote and performed that original score, like the freakin background music. How epic is that? AC/DC also wrote some of their biggest songs for the movie, such as Who Made Who? and Highway To Hell. The effects are awesome, and so is the gore. Seeing people explode when they get hit by semi-trucks is awesome. Also, a 9-year-old boy gets run over by a steamroller, and his head explodes. It's crazy gory stuff that is almost disturbing but in a good way. The film honestly is not a horror film at all, and other than some scenes of gore, it doesn't try at ALL to scare you. It is mostly an action movie, with machine guns and rocket launchers and explosions and car chases, but it is still fun! This is the ultimate popcorn-beer movie. King acts like he is all embarrassed by this movie, and sure it's pretty stupid, but this isn't even in his bottom 50 when it comes to his books being adapted. Like, The Mangler, Graveyard Shift, Lawnmower Man 1 & 2, The Rage, The Langoliers, The Tommyknockers, Creepshow 3, Silver Bullet, A Good Marriage, The Dark Tower, and Cell are all WAY worse than this underrated gem. Even Trucks, the 1997 TV version of the same book this one is based on, is far dumber and far worse. This movie is fun, quick, entertaining, and AWESOME with great gore and amazing music. Don't be turned off because you think the idea of semi-trucks coming to life and killing people is stupid. If you love 80's horror/action/sci-fi movies, CHECK THIS ONE OUT because it RULES. WHO MADE WHO??? s

Reviewed by ejonconrad 8 / 10

So horrible it's fun. Extra star for AC/DC soundtrack!

If you want some fun, go on YouTube and search for "Canadian Interview with Stephen King", in which he plugs this movie. It will show you the state he was in at the time, and goes a long way toward explaining why this movie is what it is.

Presumably, it all began when Stephen King went to the studio and said "I'm Stephen King, and I'd like to turn this 3-page short story into a full length movie, and I also think it would be kind of fun to direct it". The studio head said "sure", and they celebrated over a few lines of cocaine.

Then King went off and did more coke, then more coke, then way more coke, and then made the movie while taking frequent coke breaks - which was OK, since by then he would have had no need for sleep. Seriously, this rivals even the legendary Star Wars Holiday Special as a cautionary tale about the dangers of cocaine in the entertainment industry.

The premise of the movie is that machines suddenly become sentient - and mean. The title card indicates this is because the earth is passing through a comet's tail. Then, halfway through the movie, one of the characters floats a completely different theory. Things are tied up by a very confusing end card that seems to indicate that somehow both theories are true.

The good news is that none of this matters in the least. Basically, it's about machines trying to kill people, but being pretty bad at it. When I say "machines", I mean mostly semi-trucks. There are a few other killer machines, mostly thrown in for comic relief, like a soda machine that shoots out cans hard enough to kill people, but it pretty quickly settles down to trucks - one of which inexplicably has an evil clown/demon face on it. These trucks gang up on a way-too-large cast of characters holed up in a truck stop, and proceed to .... mostly just drive around in circles.

In fact, when you think about it, trucks are a pretty terrible killing weapon, because they're really easy to dodge. Cars would be much more effective, but I guess he didn't want to be *too* obvious about recycling Christine. Luckily for the killer trucks, anyone being chased by a semi truck - you guessed it - runs in a straight line.

That's pretty much it. Nothing really makes any sense. Some machines are evil, but the protagonists frequently use machines against the other machines, and they never suddenly rebel. Sometimes the machines can violate the laws of physics. For example, an electric knife can levitate to cut someone. On the other hand, a gas pump is unable to levitate the nozzle to pump gas. They need people for that.

Anyway, lots of people die, usually with Monty Python-esque amounts of blood. Apparently, King had put in some *really* gruesome scenes that had to be cut to keep from getting an "X" rating. Lots of things explode. There's one very softcore romance. That's about it.

In the end, it's fun to drink a few beers, crank up the AC/DC soundtrack (probably not as loud as it was playing in Stephen King's head) and catalog all the ridiculous plot holes.

Also, have fun trying to make a young person believe that they once showed movies like this in theaters.

Reviewed by coednaked 7 / 10

Why I rate an 7?

Well considering I was at least born before the movie was made unlike half of film critics these days, I objectively compare that movie to the time it was made, not trying to compare it to something made "today". I deeply enjoyed the movie when it came out. If I watch it today, sure it seems to be a bit sucky, but dang this is NOT 1986!!! It was a story that no one had come up with before "That I was aware of" and the fact that they made everything auto controlled for 1986 was just awesome. Who would have thought of a lawnmower or steam roller driving by themselves was a complete WOW moment like how did they do that? It is a common thing these days but to see that back then, made it amazing. Stupid critics giving bad reviews for a movie that was made before they were born is just another worthless review. And there are a lot of them. I'm not saying this was the best movie every made, but I enjoyed the story, and the ending not knowing exactly "why". And if you are a person who loves rock n roll, can enjoy tracks by AC / DC. Some of the acting was over done, but to be honest, even the crazy woman that screams "we made you" could be someone real in the world today. Some people may see terrible acting, and I say WTF you think everyone in the world is "normal"? If all actors portrayed a normal person all the time, I think the industry would be boring and unrealistic. So if you are ever in wonder of a semi decent 1986 thriller, watch the movie. But please don't try to hold it up to this century standards like other wanna-be critics do. BTW I'm not a critic.. just a fan of Stephen King stories.

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