Maximum Conviction


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Steven Seagal as Cross
Steve Austin as Manning
Michael Paré as Chris Blake
Aliyah O'Brien as Charlotte
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 2 / 10

Minimum effort

Cross (Steven Seagal) and Manning (Steve Austin) are some kind of black ops personnel who have been sent to decommission an old prison. It is holding two mysterious women who some mercenaries led by Michael Pare have been sent in to extract.

It is up to Cross and Manning and their small team to save the base and protect the women and find out what is so valuable about them.

What we get is a dimly lit, poorly edited, turgid film where the only villain is Pare out acts both the main leads.

Seagal is fat and out of shape. Austin fares better, he gets to crack a few jokes and strangely both stars only appear in a few scenes together. The action scenes are flat with no imagination or even decent fights.

It looks like a quickly made and cheap action movie made for the direct to TV market.

Reviewed by Uriah43 5 / 10

A Secret Detention Facility

After escorting two new female prisoners to a secret detention facility "Cross" (Steven Seagal) and his men are essentially put in a holding pattern pending transportation to further escort the remaining prisoners to another location. However, one of the female prisoners named "Samantha Mendez" (Steph Song) is actually a CIA courier who happens to have secret information regarding a bank account worth millions of dollars and there are those who are willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain the device she is carrying. Along with that, the other female prisoner by the name of "Charlotte Walker" (Aliyah O'Brien) is also not who she appears to be and this creates yet another problem for Cross. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a standard action film which benefited from its isolated location but was hindered by the lack of lighting which the director (Keoni Waxman) apparently felt was necessary for the overall effect. Additionally, although Steph Song was definitely attractive, none of the actors really put in a stellar performance and this didn't particularly help the movie either. Be that as it may, although it certainly had room for improvement, it wasn't necessarily a bad film overall and I have rated it accordingly. Average.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 5 / 10

Not maximum, but more like Mediocre Conviction...

Well, given the fact that this movie stars Steven Seagal and Steve Austin, then you know exactly what you are in for. And true enough, the movie is exactly that, a mindless but entertaining enough action movie.

"Maximum Conviction" follows the same recipe that Seagal has used for the past 20 odd years. Steven Seagal is an ex-something-something facing formidable forces that must be overcome. And as usual, he emerges fully unscathed and in mint pristine condition. Yep, same old same old from the teddy bear of action movies.

Don't expect to be blown away in any way, especially not by any theatrical thespian performances.

A very predictable movie that will have some appeal if you, like me, grew up watching Seagal action movies. If you have seen a single Seagal movie, then you have essentially seen this movie already.

There is some good enough fighting and action sequences in "Maximum Conviction", and there is the obligatory broken arm injury, of course. And of course Seagal is superior to everyone he stands face to face with, be it by hand, knife or firearm.

Nothing outstanding in "Maximum Convinction". This is a generic, mediocre and typical Seagal movie by all means. It is worth a watch a single time if you need some very mindless action, say if you are nurturing a hangover, for example.

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