Max 2: White House Hero


Action / Family

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Lochlyn Munro as President Bennett
Garry Chalk as Colonel Jones
Carrie Genzel as First Lady Maureen Bennett
Reese Alexander as Agent Harring
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by terribel 9 / 10

3 Preteen boys want Max 3!!

I am basing my review on what my 3 boys ages, 10, 11 and 13 said about the movie. They enjoyed it (they also saw Max). I didn't even realize it was a sequel (which based on the trivia section, it's not really a sequel). While they were watching it in the car, I heard lots of laughter (good sign). The best recommendation for this movie is that they immediately asked me after it was finished "Can you get Max 3 if it exists?"

They usually have good tastes when it comes to movies. But to give you an idea where their tastes are, they loved Princess Bride, Hero Factory and Mr. Bean. They were not impressed with the BFG, Where the Wild Things Are or Field of Dreams (they don't play baseball).

Reviewed by mystiquious 5 / 10

Only Watched because of Max

I loved the original movie Max, so saw this on netflix and decided to watch. Unlike the original movie which had a good storyline ,which told of his coping after coming back from war suffering from PDSD & the loss of his handler - this movie is just plain stupid. Even for a family movie it was boring, Max didn't get to do much in it either. I had hoped it might have continued with Max's story, none of the cast from the original are not in it either. The acting is awful , I only watched to the end as I said in the title because of Max, the 5 stars are for him.

Reviewed by bradleyjulian 10 / 10

Epic movie

Loved the movie but I would like to a Max 3 since Max 1 and 2 were great (storyline), please. If you create Max 3 for the people who loved the movies 1 & 2 that would be awesome. The characters in Max 3 (if it manages to be made) should be the same ones from the first Max movie. Please.

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