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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 4 / 10

Martyrs (2015)

Even though I watched the original Martyrs various years ago, it's a film which is impossible to forget. That's why I knew beforehand that its North American remake would never reach the same levels of violence, intensity and anguish reached by the French version... something I would have tolerated if co-directors Kevin and Michael Goetz had respected the spirit of that brilliant film and its overwhelming atmosphere of cruelty and hopelessness. Unfortunately, that was the first thing which got lost in this "light" version, which could basically be considered "PG-13" if it wasn't for some moderately bloody scenes, which could have been eliminated without any problem, because they don't fix all the things which were decomposed in this diluted interpretation. And that's where my comparison between both versions ends because, to be fair, Martyrs (2008) didn't receive too much diffusion, and I estimate that Martyrs (2015) will be a novelty for many spectators, so I will do my best to evaluate it on its own merits. I found it a bad film, but I will at least grant it that courtesy. To start with, I found the screenplay of Martyrs (2015) poorly written, specially during the second half, when something happens which brusquely alters the premise and introduces absurd concepts, until getting to an insipid conclusion. Among the very few positive things I can say about this remake, I can mention the decent performances from Troian Bellisario and Bailey Noble. Despite them, I found Martyrs (2015) an absolute waste of time. Even taking it as an individual horror film, it's an absolute failure. Anyway... I hope the next step isn't some remake of À l'intérieur suitable for the family schedule of Lifetime.

Reviewed by Peter Lorme 2 / 10

Yet another pointless remake that is completely inferior to the original.

Martyrs (2016) is yet another pointless remake that is completely inferior to the original. Have you ever heard one of those trashy Kidz Bop covers of a pretty good song? This remake is like a Kidz Bop version of a heavy-metal song. The entire movie just put a foul stench in my mouth. It is neutered down to its core. There isn't anything disturbing, horrifying, or shocking like there was in the original. Hell, there isn't even a lot of blood in this one. It's hard to just simply describe how horrible it is, so I'll just use another analogy. Let's say the class genius is taking a test, right? So the big class goofball decides to sit down next to him and cheat off his test. He copies most of the test, but then there's the essay section. The smart kid is moving along with it, writing in his own unique way. The catch is that he writes really fast. So the dumbo has to quickly copy down everything he's writing. After they finish, the smart kid has a pretty good essay but it's not his best work. The noodlehead kid has an incomprehensible copy of the smart kid's essay, so much so that sentences are out of order, and the essay prompt isn't even answered. Even if you take the original out of the equation and call this remake an original movie, it's still garbage. One of the saddest attempts at a remake I have ever seen.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Plot spoiler review

Lucy (Troian Bellisario) claims she was tortured as a child (how she escaped is still a mystery) and sees monsters that haunt her. She becomes BFF with Anna (Bailey Noble) who, like the audience, doesn't know what to believe.

PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD. Ten years later Lucy, somehow out of the blue, finds the couple that tortured her and blows the entire family away with a shotgun...pretty cool stuff. Then the story turns weird as Anna reluctantly goes and helps Lucy clean-up. The weird was pretty good and then we find out what it was all about: People who die with their eyes open (see cover). I prayed..."Please God, don't have the film be this stupid." Nope. It was. People who died with their freaking eyes open. I believe I would have loved the story more had it been for some DNA mutant experiment instead. Nope. Talkative people who die with their eyes open.

Guide: No sex or nudity. 1 F-word as I recall. Blood, torture, graphic skin removal scene that made me cringe.

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