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Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Plot spoiler review

Lucy (Troian Bellisario) claims she was tortured as a child (how she escaped is still a mystery) and sees monsters that haunt her. She becomes BFF with Anna (Bailey Noble) who, like the audience, doesn't know what to believe.

PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD. Ten years later Lucy, somehow out of the blue, finds the couple that tortured her and blows the entire family away with a shotgun...pretty cool stuff. Then the story turns weird as Anna reluctantly goes and helps Lucy clean-up. The weird was pretty good and then we find out what it was all about: People who die with their eyes open (see cover). I prayed..."Please God, don't have the film be this stupid." Nope. It was. People who died with their freaking eyes open. I believe I would have loved the story more had it been for some DNA mutant experiment instead. Nope. Talkative people who die with their eyes open.

Guide: No sex or nudity. 1 F-word as I recall. Blood, torture, graphic skin removal scene that made me cringe.

Reviewed by The Original Spice Girl 3 / 10

Martyrs - the Family Friendly Version

I wish I could review this movie without comparing with the original, but I don't see how I could do that. As often is the case when Americans attempt to remake movies from other countries, they fail. Such is certainly the case here. Although the directors tried to make the excuse that they was re- imagining rather than remaking, they obviously failed to understand what made the french original so extraordinary. There is no depth to the characters in this version. The directors fail to make me feel for the protagonists. In fact they fail to make me feel anything at all. The long and cruel journey of the protagonist is completely lost.

I don't see the point in the use of excessive violence or gore for the sake of chock in movies. The original version of Martyrs was gory and violent but it was not included for the chock value. The explicit cruelty had meaning, to make the audience understand the suffering of the main character and the amazing ending. This version is more of a family friendly action movie in comparison, and in reducing the most of the violence and cruelty, the movie completely loses the impact of the original. Even more annoying is the assumption that Americans are stupid and need everything explained in detail. Whereas the original made me think and feel and not forget, this version did not affect me at all, and in the moment of writing I'm already forgetting it. Had I not seen the original I probably would not say it's not a terrible movie, just bland. But having seen the French masterpiece, this version certainly is terrible in comparison.

So to summarize: If you want to see a good movie, watch the French 2008 original! And if you have already seen that, then watch it again instead of this mess.

Reviewed by Jean Frederick 7 / 10

I kind of like it better than the original but not really.

This will be hard to explain. First of all. If you are that guy or girl who hates remake, stop watching them and reviewing them. If you can't separate the 2 movies then why are you even wasting your time.

OK. Now to explain how, in my opinion, this movie is better and worst than the original.

On the plus side, the movie looks better and is easier to fallow. I am french but the original have the actor mumbling so much it is hard to fallow. The first half of the movie is very much the same as the original. They give a little more of Anna and Lucy as kids becoming friends witch, to me, was not better or worst from the original. Some key moments are almost shot by shot. The second half of the movie, on the other hand, has the same premise and reason but taken from a very different way of doing it. It is less gory and much less brutal. I like it. The original was good but at some point it becomes just pointless torture that could be abbreviated.

On the down side, the director played it a little too safe. To start with the kids. The first shot in the original, the little girl Lucy, looks like she was torture. On the remake, she only has a bruise on her cheek. If a kid is torture then you need to show it to make us feel bad. The ending is also played safe. To start, if you switch it from Anna to Lucy then give a reason why they didn't come back for Lucy at any point in the last 10 years. I like the fact that they took the face punching out of this one but they should of finished the same way or closer to the original.

If you have not seen the original then you will like this. If not, I can see it going both way. I like it better but would improve by using a few more things from the original. I guess if you like films that are more nihilistic than the original is better.

Both worth to watch. I would recommend the remake as much as the original.

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