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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seksenbesyedi 9 / 10

Best horror movie i have ever watched

It is a real horror movie that you actually feel sorry about the victim and imagine the pain. I love it when you actually see a monsters face, this is true thriller, not just jump scares. The two halfs of the movie is too separated, otherwise i'd give it a ten. Also, i am pretty sure about the end is inspired from official video of radiohead-just. Amazing. -sorry for english-

Reviewed by writetostuart 1 / 10

Pointless, Disturbing, Trash.

When I first heard of this movie , I was like 'this sounds interesting let me check it out'. After watching it , I can tell you that I basically just saw a extremely violent movie that had a strong message behind it . But, the movie doesn't do anything creative with it and once you understand why it's all happening , you just become no longer invested in it because you are already sick to your stomach and there isn't any characters that are interesting . Every character in this movie is just an inanimate object for more gore to be shown and the performances aren't good either and they become annoying and the whole movie feels annoying , hollow, dull, vile, and pretentious . The violence is so much that I begin to feel like vomiting at certain points and the beating scene of Anna was too much for me . The end was one of those ending that doesn't give you any explanation of why anything is happening and let the audience guess , which is a common in these artsy-fartsy movies. There are so many plot holes in this movie : 1, when she kills the entire family and calls her friend to help and after doing that , they don't even leave the house , they just stay there 2, When Anna finds the woman locked in the basement , instead of taking her to the hospital or calling 9-11 to help her , she puts her in the bath-tub which I felt was just an excuse for more gore to be shown. 3, why didn't the police arrive when Lucy killed the family . The in the end , Martyrs is just another generic torture porn movie with virtually no plot and a slight twist that 's they re searching for the afterlife stuff.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

So easy to create a victim

Lucie and Anna grew up together in a shelter form abused kids. Lucie had undergone and ordeal and is not crazy and she sees demons. Years later, she still sees demons and is out for revenge.

I wanted to turn the film off in the first 10 minutes. I didn't really like the overall plot, I thought it was a bit silly. What makes this film stand out from other slashers is the realism. You can almost feel the pain inflicted on the victim.

Give me fake blood and gore with girls who take showers.

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