Martian Land


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by junk-monkey 3 / 10

Not great...

It's not great, in fact it's a pretty naff piece of junk but by the Asylums's standards it's a masterpiece.

The plot is unfocused and all over the place and doesn't make much sense from one minute to the next. Most of the acting is one note (but then so are the characters so it's hardly ALL the actors fault - some of the dialogue is execrable) and some of the acting is okay. (The stand out was Arianna Afsar who did a pretty good job with a minimum of material.) The SFX are not terrible. All in all, the usual. Ho Hum.

But there is one aspect to the film which was refreshing. The two young women trapped at the start of the film and who have to make their way through the course of the film from point A to Point B to do something important - are a couple. They're a lesbian couple. And nothing much is made of it. It's not played up for titillation. It's not polemical. That they are gay is not a problem for the characters, or anyone they encounter. It just is. They're gay - so what? Background stuff - and they both survive to end of the film!

Martian Land not going to win any GLAAD awards but Yaaaaay! it's a step!

Reviewed by johnpendarvis 1 / 10


Seldom will you see a more flat, lifeless attempt at filmmaking than this. Dreadful acting, static camera work, wildly fluctuating and jarring scene's almost comical....almost. The CGI is cheap and two dimensional, constant disjointed reaction takes, you may have guessed by now I didn't like it much. Absolutely no redeeming quality to this massive stink bomb.

Reviewed by mavisroadbills 1 / 10

Bad enough to be a Canadian film

The special effects are not the worst i have seen but camera angles (directing) make any mild acting ability completely lost. Sad that we cant do better in 2015. I rather watch an equally low budget Dr. Who from 1980s and be more entertained. In the first 1 minute of watching this film (about 1 hr into the movie) and seeing the horrible camera angles, acting, dialog and lesbian kiss, i swear it was a Canadian film, but its not !! Why make this crap and who would spend money selling this to the network. I rather watch reruns of 1960s My favorite martian than this. I need 10 lines to submit a review. Sadly nothing more needs to be said. Space Channel, STOP buying rights to these crappy films. please stop. Only then maybe we can exterminate future crap friends m being made. These actors should not quit their day job. I would be embarrassed to say i was in a film like this. More embarrassed than if saying i was in a porn film.

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