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Jonny Lee Miller as Edmund Bertram
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Reviewed by johnpelaro 1 / 10

Read the book ( a classic ) , and watch the crisp Masterpiece Theater adaptation....

Having read the book and having enjoyed the fine Masterpiece Theater adaptation , I took this film for what it aimed to be...Sexy and sensationalistic . The portrayal of Fanny price is totally ridiculous , although Frances O'Connor is certainly first rate eye candy , and talented as well . This gentle , somewhat timid young lady ...the novel's heroine , is depicted as a sharp tongued and ever self confident modern day woman in this farce . It must be added that the book is a very serious one , and certainly not a comedy ! Well , it is entertaining , but it is a far cry from Austen's Mansfield Park ! The references to slavery and the disgusting sketchbook scenes relating to it add nothing to the novel's theme . The positive ratings many have given this film speak only to our modern obsession with cheap thrills and prurience . Do yourself a favor , if you truly loved the book , and check out the 2007 adaptation !

Reviewed by Red-125 9 / 10

A very good version of Jane Austen's novel

Mansfield Park (1999) was written and directed by Patricia Rozema. It's based on Jane Austen's novel. Frances O'Connor stars as Fanny Price, the protagonist of the novel. Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility are considered Jane Austen's two best works. Mansfield Park is down a rung on the ladder along with Persuasion and Emma. However, Jane Austen may well be the world's greatest English-language novelist, so even her less dazzling novels are read, and re-read, to this day.

The film version rises and falls on the character of Fanny Price, the poor relation who is sent to rich relatives who live at Mansfield Park. The plot revolves around Fanny, and Frances O'Connor brings her alive. (At age 32, O'Connor was chronologically too old for the part, but she has a very vital, youthful quality, and she looks perfect in the role.) Not only does O'Connor do great work, but the supporting cast is excellent, and the production values are high.

However, a controversy arises because director Rozema has chosen to subtly shift the characters and the sense of the novel to add incidents from Austen's own life, and to include a moral discussion about slavery. (The slave trade in England was outlawed in 1808, but slavery itself was not outlawed until 1833.)

As cited in Wikipedia, "The result is a film that retains the core character evolution and series of events of Jane Austen's novel, but in other ways, some critics claim, stresses its themes and ideas differently. The plot changes the moral message of Austen's novel, and makes the story a critique of slavery rather than a conservative critique of the "modern." In the novel Fanny's passivity and moral stance are seen as virtues but these aspects of her character are missing from the film." I refer you to the complete article in Wikipedia, but this paragraph is the core of it.

The question for me becomes, "Can scriptwriter Rozema improve on Jane Austen? Should director Rozema allow her to do this?" That's not an easy question, and I don't have an easy answer.

This film was made for the large screen. We saw it on the small screen, and it worked pretty well. Whether it is or isn't what Jane Austen had in mine, it's a very good movie, and worth seeking out.

Reviewed by johnwiltshireauthor 1 / 10

No, just... no

I have just had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with the novel Mansfield Park, which I haven't read for at least... oh, a year... I'm a huge Jane Austen fan. But I'd never seen this film, and thought it would be a nice way to pass a wet Sunday afternoon. Wtf, as Jane Austen might have said had she seen it. Why take a book, characters, settings, and then present something so totally unrelated? Everything was terribly wrong from the first minute. Instead of the main character Fanny Price being almost pathologically shy, timid and terrified of everything and everyone, she's presented as a sort of Jo March (Little Women), striding everywhere spouting feminist tracts. When she arrives at Mansfield Park, instead of finding a beautiful, wealthy, genteel family to welcome her, she's met in a crumbling, Gothic ruin which appears to have no furniture. Jane Eyre? I'm at a loss. It was awful, just awful. Why not stick some zombies in Jane Austen as well... oh, someone did. Shame. If you want to see a superb recreation of a Jane Austen on screen, watch Emma with Romola Garai. Give this "Mansfield Park" abomination a miss.

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