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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wellloaded 10 / 10

Art and above

Don't expect a drama with a storyline here, this is another beast. I would see this video projected (with huge success) in a modern art museum of choice. It's even too deep to be fully absorbed at the first view, and you really have to be in the mood to match this. Liking the topic is not good enough.

It is visually stunning, literally porn for the eyes. If you're into art do watch this, if you're not into art and looking for e.g. a romantic comedy you'll be disappointed. I can see a scenario where people skip to a random minute just to absorb a specific scene/concept, more or less like opening the bible at a random page.

My favourite parts are the TV news and the school but it's of course entirely subjective.

This title should be rated either 1 or 10 I don't see how anyone could chose anything in between.

Reviewed by nobilisbellator 8 / 10

Great shit.

I loved this shit, it's so colourful!

"Hahaha, the above text was rejected for being too short. Kate did warn us about rules didn't she."

Reviewed by cliffskoog 10 / 10

Like nothing we've ever seen

...And the best thing we've seen all year. We love great acting, big ideas, inspired film settings and cinematography, and ironically subtle subtexts. This film has them all. Wow. If you can keep your mind focused for an hour and a half and can hear ideas while recognizing how visuals can function as a counterpoint that often critiques them, this film is for you, otherwise it is probably NOT for you.

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