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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nothimme 10 / 10

A needless masterpiece

Here's why this movie is good for some people: It has a slow processing.

Here's why this movie is bad for some people: It has a slow processing.

Here's why this movie will be considered good among most of the critics: Because it looks like something out of a cult classic. Because It looks full of meaning. And because you don't know who Panos Cosmatos is.

Most of the critics consider the movie good because they want to look intelligent and sophisticated to the others. Just imagine, what would everyone think of that person if he called this masterful movie a trash.

Anyway, If you watched ''2001: A Space Odyssey'' or ''Blade Runner'' and loved it both, you're gonna eat this like a cake. BUT unlike 2001 and Blade Runner, this movie doesn't have any point, or even any contribution to the film industry for that matter. So even though it isn't, I'm still gonna considered it trash. Yeah, it looks cool and sophisticated with its style and with all that crazy stuff but we don't even know what the hell is going on half the time. What was that first one hour all about? Visions? Dreams?

What really irritates me as well about movies of this kind is that they are often wielded by creatively limited people who want to impress with their wide appreciation and knowledge of cinema. Well, guess what, you're not impressing anyone. You're just a wanna-be, and I'm just an idiot who didn't understand a thing.

Reviewed by mts-564-429762 9 / 10

Something unique

This really is not for everyone and that is just fine. Also story wasnt anything new or special, just typical revenge story. Really liked how this looked, sounded and felt. Visuals and colours are just outstanding and that was something that hooked me from the start, really trippy stuff in a good way. Music and sounds were pushing this dark overall sinister feel and worked perfectly. And also Nick have us great performance near insanity.

Reviewed by middlemen 10 / 10


Rob Zombie, take some notes on how to do a good homage to 70's and 80's horror movies...

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