Man Without a Star


Action / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 7 10 2414


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Kirk Douglas as Dempsey Rae
Jack Elam as Knife Murderer
Richard Boone as Steve Miles
Claire Trevor as Idonee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 8 / 10

Adorable western classic

"How does it feel being put in your place?" "I wouldn't know."

Pizazz, spunk, humor, and romance are all found in Borden Chase and D.D. Beauchamp's screenplay to Man Without a Star, but without the wonderful cast to say those great lines, I'm not sure how well it would have played. Kirk Douglas takes the lead in this delightful western as a drifting cowboy with attitude. Surprisingly enough, he's not the bad boy! Jeanne Crain is the bad girl, and the sparks that fly between them are scorching! Jeanne is the ranch owner Kirk works for, and she's a very tough boss. She's hard on her ranch hands, and even harder on Kirk, using every bargaining chip in the book to get what she wants out of him.

Joined by Claire Trevor, William Campbell, Richard Boone, and Jay C. Flippen, the cast and director King Vidor creates a classic western, with every element in place to help it stand the test of time. This is definitely one you'll want to watch over and over again, especially if you're a Kirk Douglas fan. My favorite scenes are the tension-filled banters between Jeanne and Kirk, but there's another great scene that's a staple in the western genre: teaching the new kid how to be a cowboy. In Man Without a Star, the scene has an extra oomph of humor and charm, making it surpass other westerns that blend together in my memory. "Did your mother ever tell you it was rude to point?" Kirk asks William Campbell, after he's missed the shooting target. "Sure," William says. "Well, when you're using a gun, you're downright rude, so point!" Too cute!

Reviewed by Joe_Denham 6 / 10

Generic Western

This one is very similar to many other westerns, lacking anything unique.

The sequence of events is very predictable - you know how it is going to end in the middle of the movie. The story is very simple and the personalities are vapid (the characters are very similar to those in many other westerns).

Kirk Douglas performs very well as he always did. But most of the rest of the cast is rather wooden, with the exception of Richard Boone who comes across as convincingly menacing.

Reviewed by RanchoTuVu 8 / 10

he actually had a star

Kirk Douglas plays a Texas cowboy who follows a star northward to Wyoming's open range. He has left behind the barbed wire of Texas only to get caught up in a brewing conflict between one large rancher and a number of smaller ones because the open range doesn't have enough grass on it to feed everyone's cattle. Along the way he meets William Campbell as a young aspiring cowboy from Kansas City. After teaching him the ropes Campbell becomes fast enough on the draw to work for the big landowner, a non-absentee Easterner cattle ranch owner played by Jeanne Crain. She also hires Texas cattle hands led by Richard Boone, who are good with guns in order to keep the Wyoming range open for her 15,000 head of cattle by either killing or scaring off the smaller ranchers who wish to install barbed wire to protect whatever remaining grass there is, even though they don't actually own the land they're fencing off. In fact no one in this movie owns any of the land they graze their cattle on. The story is half-way decent, Kirk Douglas excels, literally torn over which to hate more, the barbed wire the smaller ranchers are putting up to protect the food supply for their herds, or Jeanne Craine's greedy policy of taking all the grass for her herd. She even seduces Douglas in order to win him over. It may be that Campbell had the best role, going from greenhorn to a fast-on-the-draw gunman facing a moral crisis after killing a cowboy in the town's saloon. The scenery isn't as captivating as some westerns, but King Vidor's direction succeeds in bringing out the story's underlying drama.

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