Man on Fire


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 39%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 297371


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Dakota Fanning as Lupita Ramos
Denzel Washington as Joyhn W. Creasy
Mickey Rourke as Jordan Kalfus
Christopher Walken as Paul Rayburn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ben wells 9 / 10

Underrated and ignored, but a bit of a classic

Tony Scott can make good films and bad, personally I think he can be a bit flashy and trashy and his work obviously suffers in comparison with that of his rather famous brother, but this is quite possibly his best film.

What makes this film so great is that Scott gives Denzel (on scorching form, better than Training Day) and the revelation who is Dakota Fanning time to develop a relationship of real warmth and tenderness. The set up is absolutely NOT boring, although it takes time - it is involving, and takes us on a little journey into the characters - including a superb role for Radha Mitchell as the mother. This all serves to make the action so much more effective, as we are so invested in the characters, for all their all too obvious weaknesses. This film has you on the edge for its entirety, and doesn't cop out at the end either.

The film would of course be nothing without Washington. I often wonder why he seems to get so many duff roles, when he quite clearly is as good as almost any leading man out there (I can only really think of one, Daniel Day Lewis, who has more on-screen power these days). This film should have been huge, given his status and the strength of his performance, and the quality of the film. It just goes to show you that if a studio doesn't back a film to the hilt, it ends up going straight to video. I wish I'd got the chance to see this on the big screen.

Reviewed by chinedu-jerome-okafor 10 / 10

Perfect acting

Best on-screen chemistry i've ever seen between actors. Denzel and Dakota were brilliant. Just acting at its peak.

I'm also glad marc got limited screen time cos he kinda complicated the plot.

Reviewed by andrew_james10 9 / 10

Don't let this pass you by

Brilliant script, brilliant acting and by far one of the most riveting movies I have seen due to the music. A slow start and many would argue that the relationship of the hero and the child took a long time to develop, I would argue that most other movies don't spend enough time for the story to unfold in the early stages so the viewer has a rushed introduction to the characters and their relationship. Tony Scott is a fantastic director as Mr. Washington and miss Fanning are fantastic actors. I have left no spoilers. A must see film that highlights all that is good in the film industry.

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