Man Hunt


Action / Drama / Thriller / War

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Roddy McDowall as Vaner
John Carradine as Mr. Jones
George Sanders as Major Quive-Smith
Joan Bennett as Jerry Stokes
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Reviewed by christopher-underwood 8 / 10

those dark and wet London streets

Directed by someone other than Fritz Lang, this strange mix of thriller, romance and anti-nazi propaganda would probably have fallen apart. Under Lang's ever focused cinema eye and noir inclinations this is transformed from some 'Boy's Own' or Biggles adventure to a surprisingly strong attack on the then surging forces under Hitler. Walter Pidgeon is only okay in the lead and Joan Bennett struggles a little with the cockney accent but together they rub along well and Bennett looks great throughout with her sparkling eyes. George Sanders is far too good as the big bad man working for the forces of evil within the US and if the ending is a little drawn out, these three help to make this such an enjoyable and just believable yarn. It is those dark and wet London streets with the deep noir shadows that provide the overriding atmosphere and mean that the film is just as watchable today as it must have been to, I imagine, astonished audiences back in the day.

Reviewed by kijii 10 / 10

Fritz Lang's Unexpected Thriller

Fritz Lang made a riveting movie, here, which could be viewed on several levels. It starts with a world-famous British big-game hunter, Capt. Alan Thorndike (Walter Pidgeon), on vacation in Bavaria in 1939.

Since his thrill is the stalk sport more than the kill, he stalks Hitler to his hideout and puts him in his gun site without trying to kill him. He then loads his gun with his finger ready to squeeze the trigger. But he is overtaken by Hitler's guards and brought to the headquarters of the Nazi Gestapo leader, Major Quive-Smith (George Sanders).

Quive-Smith is also an avid hunter and speaks perfect English. When Thorndike is told to sign a letter as an English agent assigned to kill Hitler, he refuses and is tortured. After torture, he still refuses to sign the letter, so Quive-Smith decides to kill him by staging an accident: having him fall from a steep, deep cliff.

But, Thorndike survives the fall and manages to become a stowaway--with the help of the cabin boy (played by Roddy McDowall)--on a Dutch ship bound for England. He is constantly chased, hidden, and hunted throughout the movie--first by Nazi spies, then by London police.

It really doesn't matter if this movie was made as a propaganda film or not. It totally captivated me and held me in my seat to until the very end.

Of interest to me is that this movie was released in the USA on 20 June 1941. Pearl Harbor was not attacked until 7 December 1941. So, at the time this movie was released in the US, the US had not officially entered the war.

Reviewed by JoeKulik 6 / 10

Realism Takes A Back Seat to Propaganda !!!

In general, I don't believe that any government has the right to use a legitimate Art Form, including Cinema, as a vehicle for propaganda, but most times I can live with it. This film, however, is S-O-O-O Filled with trite, "over the top", and even laughable propaganda that it comes across more as a Farcical Comedy rather than a Suspense Drama for me here in 2016.

So, Thorndyke aims a rifle at Hitler for "sport" rather than because he intended to kill him? (LOL - Give me a break, OK??) Why the Germans would expend all the time & resources to track down this one guy all over England is never made clear, & is extremely unrealistic. That Thorndyke never acts on the fact that Jerry is obviously in love with him comes across as him being Just TOO Stupid to realize how she feels, rather than any chivalry or gallantry on his part. Only an IDIOT would've allowed Jerry to stay in that same apartment after he knew that the Nazis tracked him there. The outrageous ending, with Thorndyke literally deserting his military unit so that he can now hunt Hitler "for real" is from Deep Outer Space, or even from an alternate Bizarro Universe. Thorndyke living in a cave while wearing a suit & tie... Well, you get the idea.

If I was a Brit watching this in 1941, I would've been worried for my country because of FOOLS like Thorndyke defending it, rather than to be inspired to feel Patriotic. On the other hand, it might have been a "wash" since the Germans were depicted as being Equally Moronic.

I still gave it a "6" though, because it was an entertaining & suspenseful film, if you sent your brain on vacation while viewing it, that is.

Although this film is interesting for several reasons, overall I found it to be an insult to my intelligence. ... [email protected]

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