Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Burt Reynolds as Malone
Scott Wilson as Paul Barlow
Cynthia Gibb as Jo Barlow
Tracey Walter as Calvin Bollard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jellopuke 5 / 10

Needed a better actor

A very simple story with a couple of great parts (and some tremendous squibs) but Burt Reynolds was not believable as a badass at all. From his expertly tucked in shirts with turtle necks, to his terrible hair, to his sleepwalking acting style, he came across as more of a bored old man than someone who was still a super agent. I get that he was supposed to be old and wanting to retire, but when you look at him, you don't get that sense of toughness beneath the fat, lazy exterior that you should. Bronson could have pulled it off much better. But at least the villain was evil, even if the whole thing was pretty low rent and cheap. Not a total waste of time, just not amazing or anything. Forgettable, like pretty much everything Reynolds did post 70's.

Reviewed by vinu_ks133 7 / 10

One of the finest 80s action movie

I have seen a number of burt reynold movies starting from deliverance, physical evidence, strip tease, mad dog time, hard time etc.. His physique gives him the scope do to action movies at ease.

The action sequences are intense and short, but the movie is made well by the director harley cokliss, if u run thru the movie u will not find much action.

Considering that it was released in 1987, the run up to the climax was nice.

I would like to watch more movies of him

Reviewed by Richard Dominguez 8 / 10

Great Action Movie

A Great Blast From The 80's Action Movies ... Malone Promises Action, Good Acting And Lots Of Fun ... It Delivers ... Like The Classic 1953 Alan Ladd Movie "Shane" Or The 1985 Clint Eastwood Movie "Pale Rider", Burt Reynold As Malone Rides Into A Down Trodden Town Where Good People Are Being Harassed By The Powers That Be, The Movie Is Similar To The Two Mentioned Including The Love Smitten Young Lady ... Yet The Movie Stands Alone As A Movie Worth Watching ... Cliff Robertson Is Excellent As The Self Appointed Savior Of His Country ... I Haven't Watched A Lot Of Burt Reynold's Work But This Was A Pleasure To Watch ... My IMDb Rating 8 Out Of 10

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