Maid in Manhattan


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
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Ralph Fiennes as Christopher Marshall
Jennifer Lopez as Marisa Ventura
Stanley Tucci as Jerry Siegel
Natasha Richardson as Caroline Lane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 3 / 10

Poor Man's Pretty Woman

What on earth was I watching? Did the producers of this movie find the script for "Pretty Woman" thrown out somewhere and suddenly decide to rehash the basic plot?

"Maid in Manhattan" didn't exactly set the screen alight for me, something I would describe as a fall asleep movie, or in Lehman's terms, boring.

Jennifer Lopez is highly regarded as an incredibly attractive woman, but even when she was dressed in the rich ladies clothes she really didn't look attractive at all to me.

However, I was impressed with Ralph Fiennes performance as senatorial candidate, Chris Marshall; the actor possesses some real talent and this was one of the only high points of the movie for me.

What I was intrigued about was the setting, or should I say the time period of the setting, as it was set in New York City and released only a year after the 9/11 attacks, this makes me assume that the movie was being filmed around the time that the attacks happened..., I was very interested in keeping my eye on the landscape and the background shots to see if any of the filming had been affected by the attacks.

The real Caroline Lane, played by the late Natasha Richardson was a very annoying character that I truly despised, privileged, snooty, a chip on her shoulder, I was finally glad to see Caroline (the movie's antagonist) finally get her comeuppance towards the end.

There was nothing special about "Maid in Manhattan" whatsoever and nothing that I hadn't seen before..., poor movie, not atrocious, just a boring same old Rom-com.

Reviewed by studioAT 2 / 10

A typical romantic comedy

John Hughes of 'Breakfast Club' fame came up with the story for this under a pseudonym and it shows because it has many of the elements of his famous 80's teen films.

I almost wish he'd gone a bit further and written the screenplay or even directed, because he could have boosted this film a lot.

As it is this film is OK. Nothing special, just OK. It has its moments, and boasts a decent performance from Jennifer Lopez, who could probably do this sort of film in her sleep.

The big thing that stopped me fully enjoying this film was the fact that I just couldn't buy Raiph Fiennes as the male lead in a romantic comedy. He seemed to have zero chemistry with Lopez and almost like he was out of place.

Overall, an average romantic comedy.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

A few good supporting performances and good production values are not quite enough to save a romantic comedy that's lacking in comedy and romance

Admittedly, there are worse romantic comedies than 'Maid in Manhattan' and there are worse Jennifer Lopez films and performances. Saw 'Maid in Manhattan' because the cast are so talented, but it more often than not was very disappointing.

'Maid in Manhattan' does have some beautiful scenery and it is very nicely shot. It is also a case where the supporting cast are better than the leads, though all the characters are uninteresting genre archetypes. Particularly good is the adorable and very likable Tyler Garcia Posey, while Natasha Richardson is amusing and Bob Hoskins (with a speech that is the one script highlight of the film) makes much of a role that could have easily have wasted him completely, it's beneath him but as said he does much with what he has.

Unfortunately neither Jennifer Lopez or Ralph Fiennes are convincing. Lopez handles the cutesy moments well, but often looks stiff, does not convince as a maid and possesses leaden comic timing and the emotion parts feel forced. Fiennes is also stiff and charmless, he is a brilliant actor but honestly looks like he wants to be somewhere else. Chemistry is severely lacking between them, almost like they disliked each other. Then there is Stanley Tucci, who chews the scenery to pieces in a very irritating fashion.

The film's soundtrack is ham-fisted and heavy-handed and the direction is bland. Like 'The Wedding Planner', if not quite as bad, 'Maid in Manhattan is lacking in both comedy and romance. For romantic comedies to work, the comedy should sparkle and the romantic elements should touch. Sadly, the comedy is chock full of clunky and witless dialogue, while even for a story loosely based on the oft-adapted 'Cinderella' story the story is predictable and contrived with improbable comic mishaps and over-sugary schmaltz that it's nauseating, with no genuine emotional impact or wit.

On the whole, has nice production values and a few good supporting turns but badly let down by unconvincing leads and poor execution of the comedic and romantic elements. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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