Magic Magic


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Juno Temple as Alicia
Michael Cera as Brink
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by decanc 8 / 10

its really worth if you are into such movies

If you are the type of person like i am (into weird things, plots that twists trying to find their meaning and why, making my own plot twists, debating if the scene is true to its physiological portrait, etc) you will enjoy this movie. Its not a perfect Oscar movie. I would watch it just because of the cast, but i found its pretty psychologically intense, didn't get bored (if you are looking for special effects it is clearly not for you) and it was going to towards something you expect from such type of movie. Characters are not ashamed to act at the limits of their boundaries, and you as a spectator are just being all sucked into all of this, if you allow it to exist. Just watch it if you like unusual movies, let it exist.

Reviewed by aholler-88880 4 / 10

I don't know where to begin....................might be spoilers!

Love Horror movies...this wasn't one. Suspense, maybe. It was a slow start for me..Why did Sarah really hang back? Abortion? The puppy scene and parrot scene were overboard "gore"(?) Did the sister of Aug "over drug" Alicia? One other thing that puzzles me, the constant nightly sounds...bird or insect? why? was that making Alicia "MAD"? Why the mirror phobia? This movie left me with too many WHYS, and I don't like it! I want to understand the movies that I watch..or I end up feeling that I wasted my time. How about the herding dog? Why was she scared of it? It just "humped" her, that's all. Also, in the car going to the "witch doctor" the sounds in the car, like the whines of the puppy from earlier scene. Was that all the craziness roll into a ball, that she had experienced up til now? First question, why wasn't she able to sleep? noise? light? Why wouldn't the older sister let Alicia sleep somewhere else? Brink(?)character VERY annoying. How about just changing the title of the movie so people DO NOT expect MAGIC. Title of movies make you think that that word would be part of the movie. Titanic, you would not expect to see woodland creatures running and get my drift. Name it SPIRIALLA or something like it. Oh yeah, I felt like I was slapped at the ending. WHAT? I may sit and watch this again just to pay more attention....what did I miss?

Reviewed by dd-07475 9 / 10

Excellent but Not for Everyone

This is the kind of film that IMDb does a disservice. The reviewers appear to fall into two camps. One that are expecting something else and are not mentally prepared for this kind of thinking movie, or those who appreciate if for what it is, a dark, unsettling, realistic story of mental illness. This means that the rating of 5 is misleading. My only criticism would be that it is a little slow to get going, but if you stick with it, and give it the attention it deserves, it is ultimately very rewarding. Terrific performance by the very promising actress Juno Temple as well.

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