Mad Dog Time


Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 2458


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Diane Lane as Grace Everly
Burt Reynolds as 'Wacky' Jacky Jackson
Jeff Goldblum as Mickey Holliday
Ellen Barkin as Rita Everly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Old Teach 7 / 10

Fun noir jest flick!

This offering deserved a better run in the theaters. They even had Joey Freaking Bishop in it, come on!! Good old odd-ass experimental 60s-70s style weirdo comedy. Well done by crew. Well acted by cast. Some adorably strange on purpose fun. I highly recommend giving it a shot. We loved it at the time - even though we were alone, just the 5 of us in the theater. Have still loved it every time have re-watched it. Vic is so fun, must have been a gas to play!

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 7 / 10

Eclectic gangster farce

Larry Bishop's Mad Dog Time is a perpetually strange, endearing little pseudo gangster flick with a lot of sass, style and an endless cast that will glue your jaw to the floor. Seriously, there's so many familiar faces and big names in hidden nugget cameos that one starts to lose track. It takes place in a far corner of a different universe, populated by Rat Pack esque mobsters and gorgeous dames. All they do the entire movie is plot to kill each other, stage Russian roulette style shooting derbies, shoot each other and basically wreak havoc on one another. There's no outside world, they are completely cut off inside their ornate dining halls, chambers and night clubs. It's interesting and may be too gimmicky for some people, but it's definitely something different. Jeff Goldblum, sly and slick, plays Mickey Holliday, a gangster attempting to take the place of Vic (Richard Dreyfuss), whos about to return from the loony bin. He's also dealing with his volatile girlfriend Rita (Ellen Barkin ramping up the sex appeal and attitude), and locate her missing sister (Diane Lane, briefly). On top of this he's beset on all sides by vicious, power hungry thugs of all sorts, including Wacky Jackson (Burt Reynolds), Jake Parker (Kyle Maclachlan), and mysterious hit man Nick (Larry Bishop). There's a lot going on, and there's not a lot going on depending on how you look at it. It's pretty much all style and barely any substance, but oh what style! Goldblum is pitch perfect, in full dark humored cynicism mode, and Dreyfuss runs around like daffy duck on fire, chewing scenery like a mad goat. The roster of supporting talent includes Billy Idol, Angie Everhart, Billy Dragon, Gregory Hines, Christopher Jones, Henry Silva, Michael J. Pollard, Rob Reiner, Richard Pryor, and a priceless turn from Gabriel Byrne as Ben 'Brass Balls' London, a demented loudmouth who talks his way into hilariously violent situations. His duet of 'My Way' with Paul Anka, also appearing, has to be seen to be believed. Shot in rich velvety reds, with an emphasis on character, violence and a beautiful set design of rampant excessive ambiance, it's sure one you won't forget, whether you like it or not. It's like a love letter to the Cotton Club style, rat pack, Tommy gun madness of yesteryear in film. A treat.

Reviewed by Rodrigo Amaro 6 / 10

Awkward, really awkward

Depending on the day you're having or the way you look at films, "Mad Dog Time" can become a case of a watchable film or one of the most saddening things ever made. But it can't be great. The cast is amazing, perhaps the main reason most people are brought into this thing but they can't save this from being just an average experiment, almost embarrassing each minute goes by.

What was this about anyway? At my view it was a competition of who kills who and who stays longer alive in a game triggered after the release of a powerful mobster (Richard Dreyfuss). Release from where? Jail, mental institution? A little unclear to me. But who were those people? It's a star parade with Jeff Goldblum, Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Diane Lane, Gregory Hines, Kyle MacLachlan, Billy Idol, Billy Drago, Burt Reynolds, Richard Pryor, Henry Silva, so and so, but who were they? Mobsters, hit men, rivals, partners? Nothing is well established in this half wreck, neither their functions except killing each other, neither their purpose behind such cruel intentions. The little character development created by writer/director/supporting actor Larry Bishop is preposterous, ludicrous and silly, and the mountains of dialogs lead to almost nowhere trying to be important with characters asking to each other what's their life's philosophy.

The good things about "Mad Dog Time": Gabriel Byrne saves the day becoming the funniest actor on scene; Goldblum is a great presence, we cheer for him whenever he's involved in a gun duel; Hines impress in the brief appearances he has; the rest of the cast is just fine to see them acting together and that's it. Perhaps that's the greatest accomplish in here, see them assembled in one piece of film. If only in a better one... 6/10

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