Machined Reborn


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by torstensonjohn 5 / 10

Ridiculous BUT Can't Turn Off

This film is as ridiculous as they come. Absolutely a moronic plot about a serial killer who comes back for one last spree. The torture is something rarely developed with machines and barbaric dismemberment. David C Hayes as Motorman is brilliantly played, but lacks menace.

The character Cade is so traumatized he dons a metal face plate and body armor while wearing a scalp such as an homage to Leatherface. The kill sequences are not very well played out, the acting is horrible and the editing is very rough. Throughout the film you can see the cuts when put together and shakiness via camera angles. This film could be a cult classic in the defiantly bad portion, but you will watch. 5/10

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10


An engineer quits his job, rents his home and buys a junkyard in the desert without consulting his wife. Then to top it all off he plans to be a mechanic, after all how hard can that be for an engineer to be a the desert.(Let me know how that works out).

Once you get by that, his wife, Davina Joy sports a fairly nice rack, which she is very proud of in the movie for those who require some nudity. They are worth the price of admission. The wife is eventually taken prisoner by sicko, Motorman Dan. The husband sees his wife tied to a torture chair and is forced to kill people who stop by in order to keep her alive. The husband ends up in a silly metal costume to perform the deeds.

Motorman Dan has a "Saw" quality to him. In the movie extras we find out that while rehearsing for the movie, Motorman Dan sneezed and did a twitch which seemed to worked pretty well. So in the movie, Dan has got a nervous twitch that adds to the psycho effect.

Reviewed by Prolox 5 / 10

Not great, but a pretty decent sequel for what it is.

After buying a piece of property that once belonged to a twitching killer Motorman Dan, a young couple soon realize their grave error, when Motorman abducts the wife & keeps her hid a way. Motorman Dan then uses the husband as his new killing machine, in similar fashion on the way he used the heroines brother in the original film. Dressed to look like a cross between a part man, part robot being, the husband violently slays anyone who enters the property in grisly violent fashion. While ghosts of Motorman Dan's previous victims pop up every now & then to give any & all trespassers a scare & then watch as they are mutilated. Microbudget sequel to the 2006 micro budget horror film MACHINED, is better than that film in a variety of ways & actually recycles many themes & ideas the first film had, only does them better. The acting & directing are also a notch up from what they were in the okay but somewhat mediocre first film & there's plenty of bloodshed on hand. Still the films micro budget qualities do shine through at times, however the film looks more professionally made than the original shot on video film. Motorman Dan is a fun villain & makes for an entertaining watch & the usual nudity & dumb characters we usually see in films like this is also here. All in all it's not a great horror film, but it at least offers the usual genre requirements that are missing in many of todays horror items & the filmmakers do their best with what little they've got, displaying a love for the genre that shows despite it's budget limitations. It's not HALLOWEEN or THE EXORCIST, nor does it try to be or try to compete for those mantles. In short, give this movie a shot & don't hold high expectations & you should find yourself enjoying it.

*** stars

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