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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freeflowacademy 10 / 10

Hugely satisfying payoff

I loved this movie because the director went all out. Hugely satisfying if you hate rape culture, hate rape, and hate ignorance. This was therapy.

I felt the film was well researched and thought out. There was meticulous attention to detail on each and every scene.

For the haters that think the rape vigilante didn't go far enough? Not much revenge? I guess you've never been mutilated by scissors... LOL. Wow some of the comments are just so mind numbing. I guess that's the society we live in.

It's not a man hater movie, it's a call to attention on an important topic and conversation that is finally relevant. Some people want to be a part of the conversation, others do not. Watch the movie if you want to be a part of the conversation. There's plenty of likable men/characters. But our heroine is a female badass who takes the law into her own hands and dishes revenge on the men who committed atrocities. She dishes revenge without apology. But just to clarify, female killing male movie does not amount to "man-hater movie." If that were the case, then all the movies made about men killing women should be categorized as "woman-hater movies."

So yeah, if you want to see a rape survivor dish some major pay back to the bros that ruthlessly rape and get away with it... this is the film to see. Francesca Eastwood is so badass. I loved the ending.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10


Maybe if the movie was released during the #metoo movement, it might have done really well at the box office. It does have Clint Eastwoods daughter in the main role and of course it does have the topic of sexual abuse. There is some reality behind it all which may make some people uncomfortable. 1) because of the subject matter and 2) because of how it handles the topic after it (where it descends into the fantastic and unbelievable).

While I don't agree with everything the movie is portraying, the movie itself says that our main protagonist isn't always on the right side (of her mind) either. So if you try to nitpick, there is a lot you can find here. But if you accept this as a thriller and a bit of social message in between, you should be ok. Sit back, relax and do try to take the positive the movie is trying to tell/sell

Reviewed by bariscankiliccc 5 / 10

Pretty amateur.

Sad that side characters are better at acting than the main character. Not that it is just Francesca Eastwoods' fault. The character who s a mixture of Kira from Death Note, Dexter from Dexter (duh) and Emma Stone, requires one of the hardest acting skills which Eastwood doesn't have. She gets raped and accidently kills someone. So much to act. She has some nice sweater stretchers tho. And Eastwoods' neighboor is either a crackhead in her 20s or a 40 years old collage student. How old is she suppose to be anyway?

Amd tge director wasn't even paying attention i believe. Camera switches are pretty awful, scenes done superficially and lacks of emotion. Got to mention the sound director who had done a great job. Sounds were pretty realistic and minimalistic which is awesome.

Plot was lame AF. Some twisted minded feminazi who thinks killing is acceptable wrote one of the dumbest story ever. Eastwoods neighboor kills herself so Eastwood can escape prison, but she forgets that someone else knows who is the real killer, so she dies for nothing.

Last scene was damn cool.Not just because the movie is ending. The director managed to wake up and film a badass scene at the and. Gotta give him/her that.

Overall, the movie was a total time waster. Unless you are a feminist. If so, be ready to flick your beans for 90 minutes straight!

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