Lucky Number Slevin


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 282238


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Bruce Willis as Mr. Goodkat
Stanley Tucci as Brikowski
Morgan Freeman as The Boss
Lucy Liu as Lindsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SashaDarko 7 / 10

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

One word (OK, two) to describe this film: "super convenient". Everyone is way too connected and all events are way too convenient, with the twists being over the top and just not making sense even more. The twist in the ending is simply stupid, unlikeable and sugary, existing to please the audience. There's also a strong feel of everything being staged on the scene, the sense of the very script. And of course there are many usual tropes and predictable events, during the watching I was saying what will be coming next - and there it was, like I said.

It's still a quality Hollywood movie: great filming, great acting, and especially the great editing. It's also not dragging, despite being almost a two hour movie. By the time it was over I thought the movie was about 56 min in and there's something more.

However, nevermind the tired tropes and ridiculous twists, the most surprising thing about this movie is the inclusion of O Yujki Conjugate track in the soundtrack which has about five songs. OYC it's an obscure ambient British band and how their track ended up in a Hollywood movie with first class actors is truly a mystery, especially considering the low number of music tracks used.

Reviewed by Ian 4 / 10

Reeks of Hollywood

(Flash Review)

Not that Hollywood is always bad but this is super glossy, has big star power, has an overly engineered story and just feels trite. This movie has several twists, twists that cheat the audience as it doesn't really leave you any clues that you can trace back to earlier scenes; aside from the overarching plot arc which is abandoned for the majority of the movie. The granular twists come out of nowhere and you just have to go along with it, thus they weren't smartly interwoven into the script. And for a film with so many A-List actors, Hartnett is the main actorÂ….Hartnett! and half the time he is wearing a towel and acting overly snarky. I'll give credit to the production crew and the cinematographer as the scenes looked bold and were visually striking however the pacing felt awkward. Overall, this tried to and succeeded in coming off cocky enough to think it outsmarted such classics as The Usual Suspects or SE7EN, for example, without giving you enough charm to care for any of the characters. In the end, I just cleared out some stale movie queue fodder which was only in their because the movie title was unique enough to stick with me from '06.

Reviewed by nikkitakatana 10 / 10

Look both ways!!!

I love this film. Absolutely love this film. And could quite easily watch it every week forever. I love the sets and the cinematography is simply gorgeous with great editing to keep the pace whisking along nicely. Great cast putting in great performances and a script I find utterly hilarious right up to the point when it needs to drop the comedy. And the soundtrack fits in perfectly.

Just wish it was possible to re-watch it with a blank memory so you could attempt to piece it together all over again!!!!

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