Loving Pablo


Biography / Crime / Drama

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Penélope Cruz as Virginia Vallejo
Javier Bardem as Pablo Escobar
Peter Sarsgaard as Shepard
Colin Salmon as High State US Official
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nvansilfhout 6 / 10

If you watched Narcos, don't bother...

On it's own this may be a decent movie. But if you watched Narcos before this movie, it only seems like a hasty summary of the series, told from the viewpoint of one of the less interesting characters. This, combined with the fact that it should have been in Spanish, and the annoying voice over, makes it a pain to watch. One upside: Javier Bardem is actually good as Pablo!

Reviewed by s-berta 5 / 10

Silly accents, and a Narcos conglomerate of episodes

This is the worst portrayal of Pablo Escobar ever... having actors from Spain try to give Colombian accents to their characters is painful to watch... at some points they don't even try....

The whole movie feels like a bad conglomerate of Netflix's Narcos episodes. They sell it as being set from the point of view of Virginia, but that's only true at the beginning of the film the rest it's just old Pablo Escobar being Pablo Escobar....

If you want to see a more accurate portrayal of Pablo Escobar I would recommend a Colombian production with Colombian actors which is quite good and well documented, it is called "Pablo Escobar; el patrón del mal" produced by caracol... don't waste your time and money with this movie...

Reviewed by petrplavec 9 / 10

Not as Narcos, but still very good.

Excellent film for adults with experienced and good filmmaking. Compared to the serial Narcos, which is one of the highlights of the genre with an excellent formal aspect, Loving Pablo maybe 10 % loses. Another of his weaknesses is a short two-hour footage that attempts to cover whole life of Pablo Escobar. Fernando León de Aranoa, however, is a very skilled director and imaginative writer, and Javier Barde is a better actor than Wagner Moura in Narcos. Whoever watched all the parts of the series, of course loses a moment of surprise. However, when I look at the pictures that were going to go to cinemas this year, when there are dozens of teen films with recycled scenarios on one such adult film, the final score is clear. Think about it. 85%

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