Lovely Molly


Action / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 8512


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Lauren Lakis as Female Friend 2
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cochran12 3 / 10

lol makes no sense

I consider myself a pretty good movie buff, meaning, it's never too hard to understand a film, however, this was not one of them. sure, I get supernatural, and manifestations of the mind, and I too get how using powerful drugs can alter your state of mind. but let me say, this made no sense real or unreal. first off, who are the people in the videos, her family? or ? to top that off, who were the missing people toward the end, and, yes there us a lot of ands. why did a priest come over to Molly's house and go down on her, and who was the supernatural figment awaiting her at the end of the sidewalk, and, who did her sister see to be holding out her hand at the top of the stairs to, and finally, what did her husband have to do with any of this? the only real thing I can say, is the acting performances were believable, other than that a no nonsense film. when viewing a film, there should always be an introduction , don't just throw us in the water and we went given the opportunity to take swim lessons, so to speak. I had to guess throughout the movie, and still don't know who was who. they just thru a random family on the screen and we had to guess from beginning to end, and after.

Reviewed by zschonfeld-81952 1 / 10

don't waste your time.

this movie was absolutely TERRIBLE. i thought it would speed up but no it just kept getting more boring by the second. it was NOT SCARY AT ALL,and i am always looking for actual films that will scare me and this was recommended. the story line was terrible and made absolutely made no sense what so ever. i do not at all would waste your time on this film.

Reviewed by lojitsu 7 / 10

I'm not in control anymore!!

A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."Lovely Molly" (R - 2011 - US)

Sub-Genre: Paranormal/Psycho

My Score: 7.0

Cast=5 Acting=8 Plot=7 Ending=8 Story=6 Scare=7 Jump=6 F/X=7 Creep=8 Psycho=8

A newlywed moves into her deceased father's house in the countryside, where painful memories soon begin to haunt her.

"Whatever it's done, I'm... I'm not in control anymore." Is it Paranormal or Psychological? I can't say for sure...could be a bit of both. It was a bit slow, but there were several things I liked. There is full frontal nudity and a kill scene that gave me chills. I thought Gretchen Lodge got really creepy toward the likey!

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