Love Is Strange


Action / Drama / Horror / Romance

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Marisa Tomei as Kate Hull
John Lithgow as Ben Hull
Alfred Molina as George Garea
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Reviewed by keithhmessenger 9 / 10

Homeless In New York

On rewatching writer-director Ira Sachs' touching, perfectly-formed, 2014 low-key drama, it struck me that one of the most thought-provoking things about the film is the multi-dimensional potential of its title. Not only does Sachs' choice to portray the deep affection felt between two ageing homosexuals set his drama apart (even now) from the mainstream of Hollywood films, but a relationship longevity of 39 years is an equally rare thing it seems these days. Most pivotally for Sachs' narrative, though, is the fact that the choice made by Alfred Molina's Catholic school music teacher, George, and John Lithgow's artist, Ben, to seal the marital knot on their obviously loving relationship provokes the powers that be to sack George from his job, thereby forcing the couple to sell their New York apartment and to take up offers of (hopefully temporary) accommodation with family and neighbours, in the process necessitating the pair's physical separation.

What follows is a perfectly judged, naturalistic drama, full of moments of poignancy and wry humour, perceptively co-written by Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias, and touching on themes of family dysfunction, intergenerational difference, guilt and regret, in which we really feel for George and Ben as seemingly helpless victims of unfair circumstance. Sachs' observational touch is particularly adept around the intergenerational angle, for which, amongst an all-round superlative cast, Marisa Tomei's niece to Ben, Kate, and her son, Charlie Tahan's Joey are outstanding. The film's subtle, poetic qualities are also enhanced by the choice of some sublime Chopin piano music, whilst Christos Voudouris' cinematography, though generally unfussy, also gives us some memorable sunsets of the New York skyline. The film's narrative arc and its take on the bittersweet nature of fate and fortune also culminates in one of the most strikingly uplifting closing sequences that I can recall anywhere, providing us with a final dimension and take on Sachs' film title.

Reviewed by edwagreen 7 / 10


Alfred Molina and his partner give bravura performances, but enough with the gay thing already.

We see joy at the wedding of the couple, only to see one lose his job as a music teacher at a Catholic school for obvious reasons afterwards.

As stated, the acting is excellent and Marisa Tomei steals every scene she is in as the aunt-by-marriage to one of the gay partners in the film.

The story also points out the apartment crisis in the city once the couple loses their apartment and is forced to live separately while desperately searching for new digs. That part of the film reminded me of the great Make Way for Tomorrow, circa 1937 with Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi. Housing affects all people regardless of sexual orientation.

Reviewed by VhaugnndeixU 5 / 10

Old Guys And Rookie Mistakes

Execution: 3/10 As we see George and Ben get married we as the audience are not given enough set up to know how exactly the two ARE together and how important their union us, so when they are separate it doesn't really matter. We are not "thinking about the other when watching George or Ben be alone" because there's no previous reference by which to do that at all. Once they're separate it's only 30 minutes away but we don't see enough of them looking for housing or anything else.

Extra nonsense that could have been replaced with better conflict, George and Ben trying to be normal again with each other despite their situation, something other than stolen French literature and Kate complaining about being home all the time. Leave and do something elsewhere! I didn't know NY cops were so apt to party like frat boys every night. Why does Ben have a pension from an undisclosed source but not have SS or any type of insurance? Seems these old guys have making rookie mistakes they're too old to make.

Romance: 3/10 They kiss four times and cuddle once and that's it. It's a good amount of affection but not enough to where I would call romantic. And the end is quite ridiculous and nowhere near the note it should have been. I've never seen a film that ends on the wrong people; people the narrative was NOT ABOUT!

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