Love & Friendship


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Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan Vernon
Chloë Sevigny as Alicia Johnson
Xavier Samuel as Reginald DeCourcy
Stephen Fry as Mr. Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Turfseer 9 / 10

Delightful adaptation of early comedy of manners from Jane Austen

Love & Friendship is noted Indie director Whit Stillman's adaptation of Jane Austen's novella Lady Susan. The original manuscript was discovered among Austen's papers many years after her death and published as an unfinished work. The novella is written in the form of a series of letters written by the principal characters to one another, revealing the social mores of upper middle-class families set in late 18th century England. Stillman must be applauded for distilling the narrative (set in that different format of those series of letters) into a workable screenplay.

The film can best be described as a comedy of manners. People in those times interacted with one another in a completely different manner in which they do now. One can say that they were much more polite but despite the manners, the conversations were constantly infused with biting invective. The comedy stems from the all the back-stabbing and lack of moral principles that guide each character.

Chief among the principle-less is Austen's protagonist, the master manipulator Lady Susan Vernon, played flawlessly by Kate Beckinsale. Lady Susan is a deliciously sympathetic character despite her lack of moral scruples. Guided by a desire for sexual self-satisfaction, the recent widow is way ahead of her time!

When we first meet Lady Susan, she's just finished conducting an affair with the handsome Lord Manwaring, much to the chagrin of his heartbroken and jealous wife, Lady Manwaring. As a result, Lady Susan is forced to leave his estate and move in at Churchill, the home of her brother-in-law, Charles Vernon and his wife, Catherine Vernon (née DeCourcy). Catherine's brother, Sir Reginald, makes no attempt to hide his contempt for Lady Susan, who already has a tarnished reputation in polite society.

Lady Susan's confidante is Mrs. Johnson, a transplanted American whose husband has had business in the State of Connecticut (Mrs. Johnson's American origins is Stillman's invention, making her into a Tory sympathizer, no longer welcome in her native country). Mrs. Johnson hangs on the every word of her scheming friend, and encourages Lady Susan in her calculating machinations.

Soon enough the principled Sir Reginald has fallen for the charms of the new Churchill houseguest but denies any deep affection for her to his father, describing those rumors as "vile calumnies." Lady Susan also has plans for her introverted daughter, Frederica, who has just run away from a boarding school where she's been quite unhappy. Frederica's mother compounds her unhappiness by matching her up with Sir James Martin, a wealthy landowner who his peers regard as a complete fool (Stillman explains during the documentary about the film included in the DVD extras that Tom Bennett, cast as Martin, improvised a great deal of dialogue, handily improving the part).

Despite Lady Susan's base motives, she manages to "do the right thing" which leads to "all's well that ends well." At the suggestion of Mrs. Johnson, she ditches Sir Reginald and pawns him off on her daughter, who immediately falls for the handsome rake. Meanwhile, she surreptitiously marries goofy Sir James Martin (while having her lover, Lord Manwaring, live with her and her new husband on the Martin estate!).

Love & Friendship is a delightful adaptation of an early work of a master novelist. Stillman recreates the period with aplomb resulting in what one might term a picaresque romp! The film is a hoot, relevant today in depicting human foibles as it was back then.

Reviewed by julianemnt 3 / 10

great disappointment.

When I discovered that Austen's novel, Lady Susan, was finally adapted to the screen, I felt really happy, because is one of my favorite works by the author, and it is very underrated. When I've read the cast that would be in this film, i knew it was a dead cause before start to watching. I wished to be wrong, but I was right. It was so mediocre and it made the original plot so flat, so incoherent that at the end I was angry, really angry. The characters were reduced almost to extras (specially the Vernon family) and even Lady Susan became a weak character in this film ( Kate Backingsale was a poor choice, it felt like they were aiming Catherine Zetta Jones but only could pay for Backingsale). Lady Susan is originally seductive, smart, mean , very manipulative and with a strong presence. All the time in this movie she was just a mature good looking woman with terrible arguments to assure her fame. Sevigny was also a terrible choice, her acting was the worst! Her character was supposed to be as mean and manipulative as Susan Vernon, extremely frivolous, not only someone saying lines with barely no expression. The plot rushes in such a way that it makes impossible to believe in some of the characters choices and feelings and becomes completely boring after 20 minutes. It was a mess, i do not recommend this one, go read the book.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10

I love Kate but damn..

Lady Susan Vernon takes up temporary residence at her in-laws' estate and, while there, is determined to be a matchmaker for her daughter Frederica -- and herself too, naturally. I love Kate Beckinsale as an actress but my god this film was awful first of all both the actors and the characters are boring and their stories weren't even that interesting. The humor was dumber than a rock it's basically that boring and straight face English humor that most of this films use in general and believe me it's not good. The plot is also not that interesting either i mean common, am i supposed to care about a woman who tries to marry her daughter but also find someone of her own haven't we seen that before like millions of times? This is without a doubt Kate Beckinsale's worst film and unfortunately another example of how bad critics are. (0/10)

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