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Aomi Muyock as Electra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by henferdeline 3 / 10

Best porn movie ever!

It is a 2:04 hours movie.

Take out all the scenes where they present you with genitalia and you have a bit over one hour left. If it was a philosophical movie, perhaps there would be a part of the sex sequences that carried more meaning - but there is no such relief in this movie.

We are presented with a stereotypical immature, selfish, arrogant, possessive young male studying cinema in Paris - apparently only to get stoned and laid. He meets this sweet, proactive, sexually empowered young woman that also enjoys drugs. Not the least stereotypical, as she falls for him with deep and unbridled love. His love is also deep but he is the villain here, so he get as many other women as the time not having sex with his official one allows.

She notices it (who wouldn't, at this rate?) and tells him she also has had her escapades. He makes scene after scene, including beating up her lover (an ex- boyfriend). He tries to bully a police officer inside a police station.

She stands by him in another stereotypical situation.

Then this monster gets the pretty blonde underage neighbour girl pregnant. This is where she draws the line. Notwithstanding the fact that she was the one that suggested they get another woman in bed. Despite the fact that she made the move to invite the blondie.

Then she goes down into a spiral of drugs and alcohol, shutting him off her life completely.

Once more, stereotypes.

He keeps the blondie, they have a little boy (that he names after the child he and the lost love dreamt to have together - stereotype, anyone?) and, as he drags himself in a pool of self-pity and despair (which does not go unnoticed by said blondie), comes the news that the original girl has been missing for a couple of months.

Then he spends a full day calling people to try and find her. In the meanwhile, blondie leaves with the boy, telling him to finish his past so they could have a future.

Obviously, he doesn't find her - which doesn't preclude his opium- induced dreams of her to interrupt all the time.

There is a very awkward scene with him and the child in the bathtub, after blondie's face tells us she will leave him.

And the movie ends with him and original girl embraced under the shower professing endless love and protection.

Oh! Did I mention that it is partly filmed backwards, as 'Irreversible' was? By the way, they used a very similar setting - an underground passage - in one of the sequences. Check it out: Or that this theme of intense, destructive, drugged and short-lived love was way better portrayed in 'More'? Also, a good part of the soundtrack comes from Pink Floyd.... See it: (

In other words, apart from all the sex, this is a derivative, shallow and unworthy movie...

The '3' I gave the movie is for photography and soundtrack. Really good in all scenes, conveys mood and context.

The rest is crap.

Reviewed by thermodynamx 2 / 10

porn trying to be artsy

And failing miserably. So, I saw Gaspar Noe's newest film last night. I'm a fan of his work and can see why people question his ability. If you haven't seen it and do not want the film spoiled then stop reading. Anyways, what did I just watch? It was great don't get me wrong, but I feel like there's a fine line between film sex scenes and just straight porn.

Reviewed by F19 4 / 10

Meandering, Repetitive, Self-indulgent & Lacking in Substance

The movie keeps repeating scenes and scenes of rumination and sex, as if the director was trying to fill up two hours, or thought he had created some new pure cinema art form. It really gets tiring and sickening.

Like the repeated shots of male ejaculation, one gets the feeling that the director was too cocksure of what he thought he was achieving, thus overindulging it to the extreme.

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