Lottery Ticket


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Terry Crews as Jimmy the Driver
Ice Cube as Mr. Washington
Keith David as Sweet Tee
Shad Moss as Kevin Carson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

It had the right numbers, but not all the right ingredients...

While "Lottery Ticket" is a comedy movie, it wasn't all that funny. Don't get me wrong here, because the movie is still entertaining enough for what it turned out to be, but it just wasn't all that funny, and it lacked certain elements that would make it stand out from numerous other comedies in the genre.

The story in "Lottery Ticket" is about young Kevin who lives with his grandmother in a project housing. When he happens to win 370 million dollars in a lottery, things are about to change. And not everything changes for the better.

There were some good enough aspects to the movie, such as what happens to a person when winning a ridiculous amount such as 370 million dollars, and what happens to the people and everything and everyone in the nearby vicinity when finding out about such a winning. But it was just all hindered by the predictability of the movie.

"Lottery Ticket" is a very predictable movie. You know what will happen a long time before it does happen on the screen, and that predictability was a cumbersome anchor around the movie, slowing it down.

The acting in the movie was quite alright, and they had some good names to the cast list; which included Loretta Devine, Terry Crews, Keith David. I will also says that both Shad Moss and Brandon T. Jackson were actually doing quite alright in carrying the movie.

If you enjoy comedies, then there are far better and more amusing choices available in the comedy genre. "Lottery Ticket" is the type of movie that you will most likely watch once, then never return to it again, as it just doesn't have contents to support multiple viewings.

My rating of "Lottery Ticket" is a slightly less than mediocre four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by Adam Foidart 5 / 10

Middle of the road

While there are some good things about "Lottery Ticket", like the likable protagonist, most of the movie is filled with ridiculous stereotypes and dumb, obvious jokes. Bow Wow plays Kevin Carson, a young lad who lives with his grandmother, works at a job that's not great and dreams of moving out of the projects to become a sneaker designer. When his grandmother wins the lottery, meaning she just got $370 million richer things are looking up. The problem is that it's a long weekend and the ticket can't be cashed until the offices reopen. Soon people hear the news and everyone's becoming his "new best friend" and the neighborhood bully (Gbenga Akinnagbe) begins plotting extra hard against him. I think the biggest problem with this movie is the premise. The idea that someone living in a rough neighborhood all of a sudden has a whole lot of money and must now figure out what to do because everyone around him Is acting differently now has some promise. My issue is that the film feels like it really has to bend over backwards to make its premise work. They win the lottery and they have to wait a few days to cash in it. Alright. But then the grandmother, who doesn't have any sense whatsoever goes about blabbing to people and then we have the fear that the ticket is going to get stolen, but Kevin and his grandmother don't go to a hotel or visiting some trusted friends or anything¬Ö it feels really contrived. I'm certain that a bright young man like him with prospects of being a businessman would be able to come up with a sensible solution to this immediate problem. I also didn't feel like the conflicts and problems that arise when the word is out that he has this ticket were particularly creative. It does have some good messages about teenagers practicing safe sex and about how to invest your money in places that will count instead of spending it frivolously on trivial things to impress your friends but there isn't enough of it to make the movie really memorable and the humor felt lazy. I do believe that there was some potential here for some big laughs, but it's completely squandered. It isn't offensive despite some of the stereotypes so at least that was a relief. "Lottery Ticket" has a few bright spots but overall it doesn't really stand out as something you should really seek out to watch unless it's playing on TV already. (On DVD, November 11, 2012)

Reviewed by jakebredeck 6 / 10

Charming but Predictable

The lottery ticket is full of appreciable characters from the very beginning, from Kevin's grandmother to Benny, and Ice Cube's resounding appearance as Mr. Washington. It creates a strong atmosphere throughout the story's community, and is very admirable on the surface. With comical close ups, low lighting in Mr. Washington's basement, and long shots of the neighborhood from building tops, the movie as a whole does a good job of provoking emotions from every spectrum. It also creates a strong contrast between the family oriented community, seen at the large cookout towards the end of the movie, and all the socializing throughout town, and the serious criminal activity found all throughout town.

The issues with the movie can be found in substance. The plot is entirely too predictable, with most of it being forced by obvious ill advised decisions being made by the main characters. With little to no plot twists, and a standard happy ending with a payout of $370 million, the viewer is left feeling rather empty.

There is merit to the movie as a whole, and mild entertainment value, but little substance making it only slightly above average.

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