Lost Time


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.9 10 932


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Luke Goss as Carter
Lin Shaye as Mysterious Woman
Chelsea Ricketts as Eva Sterling
Robert Davi as Dr. Xavier Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robertemerald 7 / 10

A woman is desperate to discover the truth of what she suspects is an alien abduction of her sister

This movie did not deserve the bad reviews. Its problem is that it goes for extreme dramatic intensity too much via the actors and script, rather than in other ways. From a science fiction point of view, however, it is still a decent movie. The idea is solid and the supporting CGI is good as well. From a horror pony of view the problem is that rather than have the horror/drama creep up you it's already there from the beginning with no time to sympathize.

This movie needed more time in pre-production and a more thought to the vision. My bet is that in a few years time this is one they will remake, and it will be a blockbuster.

Reviewed by nick mitsoulis 10 / 10

thank you for your insightful movie it connected something for me that will pay dividends shortly

id like to take this opportunity to tell the script writer that this was not your thoughts coming up with this story line i think something used your consciousness to pass a message down through time. To people like me that are tackling mans predicament life after life this conundrum we find ourselves in i have found the way out of this hologram induced life.if any NSA cosmic clearance types need info or help i left my real name come and find me i am 2 hrs south of Sydney Australia. make it quick as of this writing i think i have under 8 years of physical life left before i confront the makers where i will unleash us from this prison planet locked in time

Reviewed by Jersey Girl 9 / 10

Another Successful Sesma and Goss collabo!

I really enjoyed this movie. It is an edge of your seat sci-fi thriller. Goss commands the screen as he does in all his movies. He completely draws you in with his presence. The plot is very intriguing, so I'm not sure what the other reviewers who mentioned that there is no plot are referring to. Lost Time will have you yelling at your screen and jumping out of your skin several times. I highly recommend it. I rented it on Amazon Prime, but I am going to purchase it for my DVD collection.

I look forward to watching AWOL-72, and The Night Crew, both directed by Sesma, and starring Goss.

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