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Jaimie Alexander as Lucy Atwood
Peter Facinelli as Bobby Corelli
Michael Madsen as Lt. Nick Sullivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ghenghy 9 / 10

The internet has made idiots of...

half the population. Well actually, these idiots have always polluted the gene pool, but now they get to spread their ignorance around the world via the internet.

First of all, don't pay any attention to these bad "reviews," I seriously doubt these people actually watched this movie. For an independent, it was quite a surprise. Facinelli does a terrific job with the screenplay about a pickpocket trying to pay off his Father's $500,000 debt to scumbag Vincent Gallo. Along the way, he manages to lift a badge from Michael Madsen, who works for acknowledged superfreak William Forsythe (in a very subdued role) and then all hell breaks loose.

As our lead is being pursued by seemingly the entire NY City police force, his mom breaks bad with Joe Pantoliano, and he "accidentally" bumps into and falls in love with the beautiful, but recently impregnated, Jaimie Alexander, with whom he had a one night fling then apparently forgot about.

The writing is tight, the characters are well cast, there is humor, drama, intrigue, and romance, and this is Michael Madsen's best role since ... well since hell I cant remember... a long damn time.

Anybody that doesn't like this movie needs their heads examined. For its budget, a solid 9/10.

Reviewed by rightwingisevil 9 / 10

Wow, what a great movie!!!!

this is the first time when michael madsen, the great B-movie icon, in a movie that turned out to be great! now i know, as long as he's the supporting actor instead the main one, then there's great possibility that specific movie might have turned out GREAT! and this film is exactly proved what i figured out just now. all the ingredients of being a great movie are well prepared and mixed together seamlessly: the screenplay, the scenario, the storyline, the acting, the directing, the editing, the sound track....i mean, everything, wow! this is a gem might be overlooked by lot of people.

never thought that i could have such wonderful time to completely enjoy the performances of all the actors. the well crafted screenplay with very logic and natural dialog have undoubtedly allowed the actors to perform so smoothly natural and cute. i like almost all the characters appeared in this film, including michael madsen's cop role, an innocent, senseless detective who had his pocket been picked and lost his badge. what a great performance of those two young actors! almost perfect!!

i just felt very happy as the movie ended. this is how only good and great movies could affect viewers.

Reviewed by Vanessa A 10 / 10

great romance movie

Just watched this movie and felt obligated to let the world know how great it is...

it's not your normal cliched movie about romance...

the script was great.

The acting was totally believable and boy! those actors are HOT. Though I have to admit, as someone who has watched Twilight, I was a bit iffy seeing 'Carlise' be NOT Carlise...but surprisingly, the actor played Bobby really well - maybe even better than he played Carlise (but then again, Carlisle never had much to say/do in the movie adaptations)..the girl actress was really pretty and a great actress...

Overall - really impressed with this movie. I sort of never wanted it to end.

Check it out! You wont be disappointed.

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