Long Weekend


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Jim Caviezel as Peter
Robert Taylor as Bartender
Claudia Karvan as Carla
Lara Robinson as Girl in Car

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Reviewed by skipperkd 1 / 10

Don't spit in the wind

I liked the scenery and the dog Cricket. And the brief scene when Caviezel strummed his guitar. That's it. For nearly the entire film I'm stuck camping with two unsavory characters. Peter (Caviezel) and Marcia (Karvan) are careless and criminally stupid, stuck in a poisonous marriage. They deserve each other. Peter is particularly careless of nature, but hardly deserving of the horrors that befell him.

The script gave these two gifted actors very little to work with, and that's a shame, given that they are center stage for the entire film. The plot is basic and the message even more simplistic: Don't mess with Mother Nature.

The tone is just depressing. Lots of bickering, name calling, swearing including F-bombs, some sex and masturbation.

It felt monotonous. Not scary in an exciting way. When dead bodies start showing up in the water and on the land, does it draw the couple closer together, for survival? Do they stop fighting long enough to think? Does anything change???

The manatee was interesting but it needed more explanation.

Reviewed by GL84 2 / 10

Barely called a horror film

While on vacation at a secluded Australian beach, a couple's behavior toward the environment and to the animals living there eventually riles them up enough to force them to attack the couple, turning the vacation into a literal, waking nightmare.

This was an utterly atrocious effort that really has very, very little going for it. The biggest issue with this is the most obvious, as what was supposed to be a horror film is instead much more of a drama about an Aussie couple heading for divorce at extreme odds with each other that tends to dominate the film to the point of forsaking most other elements and putting them in the background. By focusing on their issues during the first hour, which includes their behavior toward each other as well as how he reacts to her obvious and growing distress at what's going on around them, to him acting like a prick and her getting shot down because he's a prick, this almost tends to make it seem like the animals are after them merely for their marital problems almost as much as their disrespectful attitudes. This one just becomes intolerable because of this wasted time before the animals start attacking with all of this nonsense that's supposed to make us like and care for these people when it does the exact opposite at urging for their swift and utterly violent demise within seconds of meeting them, yet continues on for as long as we're here with the couple, and moreso this affects the pacing here by just not doing anything remotely interesting at all. None of this is appealing or enjoyable, no one is really all that exciting to be around, and this is just endless and excruciating because of that. While it's nothing to get worked up over, there's some good stuff there on a recurring gag with a sea animal, fantastic atmosphere with the noises around them and howling off in the distance as well as some harrowing chases through the overgrown undergrowth in the woods. Still, this is all too little too late to mean anything as this was a complete waste.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence, sexual innuendo and rampant violence against animals.

Reviewed by wrwindsor 2 / 10

Weird movie!

What happened to Cricket, the dog? The last I remember was him sitting in the 4wheel drive when his dopey, unlike able owner went panicking through the scrub, only to be killed later! Agh! Awful people! Was very more wish as had to see the end! Didn't realize that he had killed his wife! Location shots were beautiful. I have to write ten lines. I have to write ten lines I have to write ten lines They keep saying not ready for submission! Not sure where this was shot? May be let me submit this? Why do I have to write ten lines? Awful man and woman totally awful too, disgusting pair of yuppies, lovely dog though! Beautiful scenes and beach shots and so on.

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