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Melanie Griffith as Charlotte Haze
Jeremy Irons as Humbert Humbert
Dominique Swain as Dolores 'Lolita' Haze
Frank Langella as Clare Quilty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcosaguado 2 / 10

Time is already telling us.

Stanley Kubrick's Lolita dates back to 1962, 56 years ago and the film is as alive and pungent as it ever was. Adrian Lyne's Lolita is only 21 and it's already forgotten. Jeremy Irons is very good but it doesn't have any of the embarrassing self awareness of James Mason's Humbert Humbert. James Mason was monumental. Then, Kubrick has Shelley Winters as Mrs. Haze - in my book, her best performance - she's a jarring human spectacle. superb. Lyne chose Melanie Griffith in what very well be her worst performance and one of the worst in any movie, ever. Kubrick had Peter Sellers and his performance is already part of film legend. Frank Langella is a bit of a shock in Lyne's version, not the good kind. And then Lolita herself Stanley Kubrick had Sue Lyon and although she was a bit older than Navokov's Lolita, she is sensational. The innocent temptress and destroyer. In Lyne's version, Dominique Swain is pretty and crushingly obvious. Kubrick's version is a masterpiece, exciting to be able to say that 56 years later.

Reviewed by jenguest 10 / 10

wonderfully done

This film is a stunning adaptation of the novel of the same name. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful and the film is brilliantly acted. The content of the story may put off many prospective viewers, but the story does not condone Humberts actions, it simply narrates them. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Humberts (Irons) loss of his young love scars him in a way which compels him to rediscover it, through relationships with young girls. He moves to a town to accept a teaching position and while looking for suitable housing he meets Lolita Haze (Swain), a young girl who immediately catches his eye and his heart. The rest of the film chronicles their tempestuous relationship, one in which Humbert takes advantage of Lolita's natural curiosity and developing mind and body. I highly recommend this version of the film and the book to any person interested in a beautifully written, compelling story about one haunted man's selfish folly and the effect it has the young girl it revolves around.

Reviewed by marilima 9 / 10

A convincing, disturbing and mesmerizing story, all at the same time

Caution is necessary when falling in love with a story like this. The relationship between Dolores Haze, or simply Lolita, and Humbert should not be seen as love. It never was. The movie presents a story of a man who chronicles his perverted obsession with a child through his own sick, twisted point of view.

In this film, H. H. has a sociopathic tendency to victimize himself. However, one cannot deny the beauty of the manifestation of his sensitivity when he cries for the first time the moment he finally finds out what happened to Dolores and in many other moments that clearly express his dementia. These troublesome scenes deserve attention because they were well executed and wonderfully played by the main actor.

Lolita is one of the best stories I have ever been able to get my hands on, but it is a cruel story. The book makes the reader feel like part of the plot because he is inside the mind of Humbert Humbert, which is brilliantly done by Nabokov, and this is not as clear or well portrayed in the movie. Perhaps, I could simply say it is more subtle… Either way, movies and books are different kinds of media and, by being so, one must take into account that there are different possibilities for each one. The 1997s adaptation fulfills its role by taking its viewers inside a pedophile's mind anyway. It enables you to see what Humbert sees, and to perceive what Lola perceives. It is a convincing, disturbing and mesmerizing story, all at the same time.

Additionally, when it comes to the movie the extreme sexualization of a child is a disturbing factor, and it might creep out the most unwary spectators. It could not be different though, it is a controversial subject portrayed in an equally controversial manner. This fact alone pushes some people away from getting to know the story, but art is a vast subject. It can be vile. It can hurt. And honestly, I am glad it does.

Fundamentally, whether you read it or watch it: Lolita is not a love story. It should be that it is, in fact, a story about pedophilia, rape and abuse – and that is what you bear in mind if you are willing to give it a try and watch it, even if the way it was made might make it a bit harder for it to be perceived as such.

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