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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
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Miley Cyrus as Lola
Fisher Stevens as Roman
Marlo Thomas as Gran
Demi Moore as Anne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ananya 10 / 10

A truly incredible movie.

LOL is one of the only 2 movies that I've rated a 10 and believe me, I'm stingy with my stars. I find the number of negative reviews truly shocking because this is one of my absolute favourite movies.

Let me just start by stating how incredible the soundtrack is. With Keane, Coconut Records, and Jean-Philippe Verdin, it's perfect. I like how the music from the original movie has been used.

Pretty much everything is identical to the original French film except the names of all the characters other than Lola and Anne. And the cast, of course. I'm not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus but she was amazing in this film and so was Demi Moore. George Finn and Douglas Booth were great too.

The portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship was realistic and accurate. High school? Probably not. I wish my school could have been that fun. But I suppose that's a part of the reason why I love this movie so much.

I just love the vibe that LOL gives out, if that makes any sense. I like the mood it sets and the whole theme.

I love this movie.

Reviewed by nivetha (nivetham-36250) 4 / 10

Colorful but not so good

If you are a fan of teenage drama and like Miley Cyrus, this is your movie. If not, then it is a moderate one. The best part of the movie is the mother-daughter relationship. It could really inspire to develop an honest bonding with your family. The movie has a lot of cute faces and shows how beautiful Chicago is. Again, a regular high school drama.

Reviewed by ananyakapoor 1 / 10

Truly the most awful movie I've ever had the misfortune to watch

With a terrible, nonsensical, unnecessarily extended plot line, juvenile dialogues and laughable characters, this movie really takes the cake for one of the most awful 93 minutes of my life.

I honestly felt as though I was watching a visual representation of a teen-drama Wattpad novel, authored by a tween. The movie is as if directed by a 12 year old. It's not just that the story line is removed from reality, it's that it is painfully so. One of the things that bothered me about the movie was that it portrayed teen relationships and beahaviour as so stereotypical and centred around the clich├ęd "sex, drugs and rock and roll" theme. This, among other things in the movie was so removed from reality that it was irritating. Another thing was, it showed female best friends (NOT in a romantic relationship) casually making out on a daily basis as a greeting and it being perceived as completely normal by everyone else in the film. It's a part of the whole "removed from reality thing" but very vexing to watch, just the same.

If I could give it less than one star, I would. Absolute waste of time and reel.

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