Locked Up


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anarchy-soldier 2 / 10

Plain bad

This movie is just bad. Nothing much to it. Bad script, bad acting. No logic in whole movie. Just dont watch it

Reviewed by Cageice 1 / 10

Astoundingly Bad

Story is weak. Acting is bad. Seems like a halfhearted attempt at using a "deep" subject to slip in as much nudity as the editors could massage out. I enjoy a cheap thriller with a healthy amount of bare skin as much as anyone, but this one just lets down. Recommend you spend your free time on anything else.

Reviewed by bennyboyz-73206 2 / 10

First 15 minutes are good but poor characters turn this into a snooze fest

Locked Up starts off well but steadily goes down hill after the first fifteen minutes. The main character gets sentenced to two years after standing up to her bullies and upon arriving appears to be in a friendly, well kept establishment. Within minutes, this turns out to be a cover up to hide what the prison and its staff are really like. From here onwards, the execution is poor. There are no likable or complex characters with very little information about any of their backgrounds. All of the women locked up just appear to be clones of each other with none of them having any real individual character traits of their own. The dialogue is very basic making it impossible for any real chemistry or relationships to build up. The fight scenes are also a snooze fest - it's a women's prison, give me a proper bitch fight! The main character transitions too quickly from a weak scared young girl to a strong and confident tough nut. Overall, this type of story would have been better told in a TV series instead of an 84 minute film, it all feels too rushed and leaves you unsatisfied with the sudden ending.

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