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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lugo1989 10 / 10

What an extraordinary man

Listen to Me Marlon is a fantastic documentary about one of the best actors in the history of film. A treat for every film lover and everyone who enjoy learning and getting to know about genius people who changed and revived things in their field of work and were never afraid to be themselves.

The narrator of this film is Marlon Brando himself. The audio material was taken from hundreds of hours of private recordings that he made and were never released to the public before. It was wonderful listening to some of the things he said about acting, life itself, his views on Native and African Americans, film business, success, his troubled youth and many more. I believe thet every person who is thinking of trying to get into acting should see this. Grat film about a great man.

Reviewed by Antonius Block 8 / 10

Fascinating look at a brilliant man

A fascinating look into the life of Marlon Brando, made all the more compelling and unique through its use of Brando's own private audio and rare video recordings. If you're put off early on because it seems to be jumping around and/or it's hard to hear, stick with it. Aside from seeing many examples of Brando's absolutely brilliant acting, we see a complete view of his life, with all of its triumphs and difficulties.

Brando had problems with relationships, children, poor part selections, and was often a pain in the behind to his directors. That may also put people off, but I have to say, this documentary also shows just how laser sharp the man was. The same blistering honesty he brought to his acting roles, he also brought to life. He saw that acting was a means to an end – that time was the true currency of man – and after he had 'made it', he made sure to enjoy his life. He was a pillar of moral rectitude during the Civil Rights movement, standing up for African-Americans and later also for Native Americans. He saw through the phoniness and profiteering in the world, and sought to live his life simply in Tahiti and elsewhere. He had a difficult childhood and relationship with his father, and yet reached a point of forgiveness, understanding that his dad was a product of his own upbringing, and so on, and so on.

Despite the maelstrom of chaos and occasional controversy in his life, what emerges is the coherence of Brando's honesty and his moral code. He humiliated himself by taking parts that were ridiculous and which he later regretted, but if you put that into the context of his life and his priorities, you'll empathize with him, and will be far less prone to laughing at him. I was aware of all the elements of his story, but this documentary really brought it all together for me, and left me admiring the man even more. He was a true hero, a brilliant actor with a social conscience and an intellect that should is under-appreciated.

In terms of the documentary, there are some elements that are less effective. The scenes showing his crude digitized likeness. The audio when it's hard to understand, and which would have been helped with subtitles (turning on close caption helps, even if you're not hearing impaired). The less than even storytelling, though it's always the case that a biographer must choose what to leave in, and what to leave out. With all of that said, director Stevan Riley delivers, and there will be things in this documentary for everyone, regardless of how much you come in knowing about Brando. Strong film.

Reviewed by alexanderdavies-99382 10 / 10

A fascinating and much needed insight.

Marlon Brando was never the kind of person who courted much in the way of publicity or granting interviews. He was well known for being fiercely protective of his own privacy and seldom allowed anyone into his own inner sanctum in any way. As an actor, Brando refused to pursue the long held Hollywood tradition of being marketed as another matinée idol and to cash in on his good looks. He was determined to channel his acting training into a wide variety of roles in film. To a large extent, Brando succeeded. In other ways, his choice of films left a bit to be desired and his career suffered as a result. All of this and much more is covered in this Award winning feature length documentary. The man as well as the actor is covered, we get the best of both worlds. The makers of the documentary had access to volumes of written notes and authentic recordings of Marlon Brando himself. Such recordings are nothing short of being a revelation as the man wasn't known for being particularly forthcoming or intimate in talking about himself. Thanks to "Listen to Me Marlon," these recordings of him offer an insight that had only previously been hinted at. After watching this documentary, Brando comes across as someone who had his own Demons to contend with (as most of us do) and a lot of this is down to his rather troubled and disrupted childhood. His relationship with his father was often strained and they had little to do with each other later on. I was fascinated with the section of Brando's time in New York when people like Elia Kazan and Stella Adler changed his life forever. You really feel as though you gain a real and unflinching impression of what made Brando tick as a person as well as an actor. Most of Brando's films are mentioned and detailed. This is the only documentary you will need on Marlon Brando.

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