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Ashley Johnson as Nicole Gaultier
Brian Thompson as Russell
Michel Qissi as Moustafa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paradux 7 / 10

Mainly of historical interest

On the positive side, JCVD at his peak did not do very many "street fight" films so if you are a fan, this is as good as it gets.

Also on the positive side, the film was immortalized in the A-list TV series SENSE8, so whenever in the far future you watch this, you are watching a piece of history.

On the downside, 1. Too long.

2. Terrible script. Characters do and say things that feel out of context and create a disconnect with the viewer.

3. Editing and direction suspect, especially for the 1990s. The film "feels" like a 1970s action flick, erratic and disjointed.

Bottom line, if you want to see the best street fight film of all time, the way it SHOULD be done, see HARD TIMES. If you want to see a film about a character who takes to the streets to settle a score, see BLOOD AND BONE.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 10 / 10


Another classic Van Damme film i looked for it anywhere until i found it and i saw it and let me tell ya something this movie totally worth it. Cool Bad guy that destroys everyone until Van Damme gets on his way and things are start happening. Also Brian Thompson the dude that Stallone brutally killed back in 1986 Cobra and Schwarzenegger ripped his heart in the 1984 The Terminator is also in this one and he gets kicked in the face. The best thing tho about the film is that the drama works so fine especially with the ending it got me really well cause of Van Damme's performance on that scene and the little girl. If you haven't seen Lionheart please do it's a lot of fun.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 6 / 10

Wrongly betted film for some JCVD fans

Let's call this, Wrong Bet, it sounds better. I've just watched this film again, after twenty years, and it ain't half a bad film, with some good performances, that of Lisa Pelikan, and Harrison Page. Wrong Bet's start, does seem familiar to a couple of other Van Damne flick early scenarios, as he again escapes the ugly foreign legion, and retreats to Los Angeles, amid some pit stops, as hearing his brother (involved in drug activities) is badly burnt. To help the widow and little Shirley Temple looking daughter, largely behind in rent, he partakes in underground fights, to earn some moolah. W.B has a pretty grounded story and straight forward plot and situations, where it veers more towards a drama, than the usual heavy action pics from our hunky lead. There is a quite a bit of action, but of course, it's mostly on the fighting ground, where the final fight, long and grueling, really has your attention, one of the best of it's time, where the opponent is a real beefcake of a fighter, those ones you really can't take as a human in these wrestler/kickboxer pics. This isn't a badly made film, where I was appreciative of those two performances, (Pelikan as the down on her luck widow) and Page as the limping ex fighter who partners up with Van Damne (dejavu of some other films of his, right?). But of course, the other standout is that of The Lady, the devious hot female fatale, running the underground fights, with her assistant (Cobra's Thompson- more human here). She takes VD under her wing, literally. This might not be the best one, for JCVD fans, who want to crave real action, amid explosions, and gunfire. But this movie does have heart, and quite a beautiful ending, but again, falls to average. Frequent graphic violence warning is an absolute joke.

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